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The Count of Monte Cristo
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affect -- verb as in: the rule affects you
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The Count of Monte Cristo
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  • Sometimes Albert would affect to make a joke of his want of success; but internally he was deeply wounded, and his self-love immensely piqued, to think that Albert de Morcerf, the most admired and most sought after of any young person of his day, should thus be passed over, and merely have his labor for his pains.
  • Come, do not affect indifference, but confess you were pleased to have it.
  • Illness of body would not affect the validity of the deed, but sanity of mind is absolutely requisite.
  • How will that affect you, since Mademoiselle Danglars was not among the number here who thought of you?
  • "Would her death affect any one's interest?"
  • But that does not affect the son.
  • But it seems that it is intended to affect me personally.
  • The count's well-known courage will render unnecessary the aid of the police, whose interference might seriously affect him who sends this advice.
  • How does this misfortune affect you?
  • How did the honor or disgrace of M. de Morcerf affect me?
  • Now, my daughter, learn from my lips how you may alleviate this misfortune, so far as it will affect you.
  • Oh, how charitable, kind, and good you are; you affect this gayety to inspire me with courage.
  • One drop will restore life, as you have seen; five or six will inevitably kill, and in a way the more terrible inasmuch as, poured into a glass of wine, it would not in the slightest degree affect its flavor.
  • "No, on my honor," said Maximilian; "but that will not affect you.

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  • The new rule will affect you.
  • How do physics laws affect ride design?
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