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Oliver Twist
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retort -- as in: quick retort
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Oliver Twist
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  • But, now that fortune had cast in his way a nameless orphan, at whom even the meanest could point the finger of scorn, he retorted on him with interest.
  • You hear nothing, you don’t,’ retorted Sikes with a fierce sneer.
  • ’Fair, or not fair,’ retorted Sikes, ’hand over, I tell you!
  • ’I tell you he is,’ retorted the old gentleman.
  • ’He was a dear, grateful, gentle child, sir,’ retorted Mrs. Bedwin, indignantly.
  • ’But I will tell you,’ retorted Sikes.
  • ’Not weak, ma’am,’ retorted Mr. Bumble, drawing his chair a little closer.
  • ’Yer are; yer know yer are!’ retorted Noah.
  • ’You’re a woman,’ retorted Brittles, plucking up a little.
  • ’You seem to think,’ retorted the doctor, ’that everybody is disposed to be hard-hearted to-day, except yourself, Miss Rose.
  • ’Very good,’ retorted the doctor; ’then so much the more reason for acceding to my proposition.’
  • ’Get out!’ retorted Mr. Blathers; ’I know better.
  • ’If your answer be what I almost dare to hope it is,’ retorted Harry, ’it will shed a gleam of happiness upon my lonely way, and light the path before me.
  • Now, these four retorts arose from Mr. Giles’s taunt; and Mr. Giles’s taunt had arisen from his indignation at having the responsibility of going home again, imposed upon himself under cover of a compliment.
  • ’Cooling yourselves!’ retorted Monks.
  • ’Then you’ve got lots at home,’ retorted Sikes; ’and I must have some from there.’
  • ’Not when it’s in a note you can’t get rid of,’ retorted Fagin.
  • ’No, I don’t!’ retorted Fagin.
  • ’Never mind,’ retorted Mr. Bolter; ’and don’t yer take liberties with yer superiors, little boy, or yer’ll find yerself in the wrong shop.’
  • ’You’ll get your privileges soon enough,’ retorted the jailer, ’and pepper with ’em.’
  • ’What answer’s that?’ retorted Sikes.
  • ’Why isn’t it!’ he retorted with the same glance behind him.

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  • She wanted to retort that he that he sounded more foolish than he looked, but she made herself count to ten and thought better of it.
  • She retorted, "Takes one to know one."

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