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unspecified meaning
  • To save himself he had the habit of leaving his flattery open to the interpretation of raillery.
  • I could interpret these signs.

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  • He remembered her outburst of that night and interpreted it in a harsher sense than he had ever done.
  • Her interpretation of his words disillusioned him.
  • It was one of the most difficult texts in all the Scriptures, he said, to interpret properly.

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as in: interpret Spanish to English Define
to translate words into spoken words of another language (This word is used in place of translate when the translation is done real-time, or on-the-fly, or immediately as needed.)
as in: her interpretation of the data Define
to understand or explain something in a particular way -- often the meaning or significance of something
as in: her musical interpretation Define
express personal artistic ideas or feelings while performing (or performing to) someone else's work
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