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unspecified meaning
  • He could not sway the crowd but he might appeal to a little circle of kindred minds.
  • The warmth, fragrance and colour of her body appealed to his senses.

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  • He appealed to Mr Kearney and to Kathleen.
  • She appealed to the second tenor who said he thought she had not been well treated.
  • Then she appealed to Miss Healy.
  • She turned as if to appeal to the good sense of the others against a refractory child while Aunt Julia gazed in front of her, a vague smile of reminiscence playing on her face.

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as in: appealed for help Define
a request or the act of asking -- sometimes specifically that a decision be overturned
as in: appeals to youthful tastes Define
attractiveness or desirability; or to be attractive or desirable
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