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Nicholas Nickleby
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hobbled -- as in: he hobbled up the hill
Used In
Nicholas Nickleby
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  • With which laconic remark Newman turned round and hobbled away.
  • What does the giant say to the pigmy?’ inquired Arthur Gride, hobbling up to Ralph.
  • These she prolonged until she had hobbled to the door, when she exchanged them for a sour malignant look, and twisting her under-jaw from side to side, muttered hearty curses upon the future Mrs Gride, as she crept slowly down the stairs, and paused for breath at nearly every one.
  • Arthur Gride had enrobed himself in his marriage garments of bottle-green, a full hour before Mrs Sliderskew, shaking off her more heavy slumbers, knocked at his chamber door; and he had hobbled downstairs in full array and smacked his lips over a scanty taste of his favourite cordial, ere that delicate piece of antiquity enlightened the kitchen with her presence.
  • Arthur Gride in reply repeated the word ’bell’ as loud as he could roar; and, his meaning being rendered further intelligible to Mrs Sliderskew’s dull sense of hearing by pantomime expressive of ringing at a street-door, Peg hobbled out, after sharply demanding why he hadn’t said there was a ring before, instead of talking about all manner of things that had nothing to do with it, and keeping her half-pint of beer waiting on the steps.

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  • The blizzard killed dozens, cut power and hobbled transport.
  • High oil prices hobbled U.S. economic growth.

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