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Nicholas Nickleby
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Nicholas Nickleby
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  • ’Hush, Kate my dear,’ interposed Mrs Nickleby; ’your uncle must know best.’
  • ’It does,’ interposed the other.
  • ’Oh yes; it’s all right,’ interposed Miss Squeers.
  • ’I beg your pardon,’ interposed Miss Squeers, hastening to do the honours.
  • ’Oh yes; you, miss,’ interposed Phib.
  • ’ ’ "Adore him," I said, uncle,’ interposed Mrs Kenwigs.
  • ’Oh, you’re not going, Mr Lillyvick, sir,’ interposed Miss Petowker, with her most bewitching smile.
  • ’Pick out very light ones, if you please, young man,’ interposed a genteel female, in shepherd’s-plaid boots, who appeared to be the client.
  • ’Good,’ interposed Mr Gregsbury.
  • ’I beg your pardon,’ interposed Nicholas, doubtful whether he had heard aright.
  • ’Two countesses,’ interposed Madame.
  • ’Never saw them!’ interposed Miss Knag.
  • ’She is not quite so accustomed to her business, as she will be in a week or two,’ interposed Madame Mantalini with a gracious smile.
  • ’Well, now, hasn’t it?’ interposed Mrs Nickleby, quite insensible to the sarcastic tone of Ralph’s last remark.
  • ’On your lordship’s circumstances,’ interposed Colonel Chowser of the Militia—and the race-courses.
  • ’Ay, that’s the word,’ interposed Sir Mulberry, with a laugh.
  • ’First, of attacking your master, and being within an ace of qualifying yourself to be tried for murder,’ interposed Ralph.
  • ’Hush!’ interposed Madame.
  • Henry, my dear,’ interposed Mrs Wititterly.
  • ’The nobility, my love,’ interposed Mrs Wititterly.
  • ’My poor brother, ma’am,’ interposed Ralph tartly, ’had no idea what business was—was unacquainted, I verily believe, with the very meaning of the word.’
  • ’Noa!’ interposed John Browdie, in a tone of compassion; for he was a giant in strength and stature, and Nicholas, very likely, in his eyes, seemed a mere dwarf; ’dean’t say thot.’
  • ’Then all I have to say about that is,’ interposed Miss La Creevy, ’that I don’t envy you your taste; and that sitting in the same room with his very boots, would put me out of humour for a fortnight.’
  • ’I don’t intend to, I assure you,’ interposed Mrs S. ’That’s right,’ said Squeers; ’and if he has a touch of pride about him, as I think he has, I don’t believe there’s woman in all England that can bring anybody’s spirit down, as quick as you can, my love.’
  • He would resent an affront to himself, or interpose to redress a wrong offered to another, as boldly and freely as any knight that ever set lance in rest; but he lacked that peculiar excess of coolness and great-minded selfishness, which invariably distinguish gentlemen of high spirit.
  • ’Smart!’ interposed the young lord.
  • ’Julia, my life,’ interposed Mr Wititterly, ’you are deceiving his lordship—unintentionally, my lord, she is deceiving you.
  • ’Pray, pa, don’t,’ interposed Miss Snevellicci.
  • ’Pardon me,’ interposed Nicholas.
  • ’Therefore,’ interposed Nicholas, ’the quarter’s salary must be lost, sir.
  • ’And was killed?’ interposed Ralph with gleaming eyes.
  • ’Alfred!’ interposed Madame Mantalini.
  • Your great-uncle, Lillyvick, my dears!’ interposed Mr Kenwigs, condescendingly explaining it to the children.
  • ’Nay, David, nay,’ interposed brother Charles.
  • ’Punishment!’ interposed Sir Mulberry.
  • ’Ah, sir!’ interposed Squeers, confronting him again.
  • ’Lor, John!’ interposed his pretty wife, colouring very much.
  • ’I say,’ interposed John Browdie, nettled by these accumulated attacks on his wife, ’dra’ it mild, dra’ it mild.’
  • ’John!’ interposed his wife, ’don’t tease her.’
  • Kate waited until Sir Tumley Snuffim had paid his visit and looked in with a report, that, through the special interposition of a merciful Providence (thus spake Sir Tumley), Mrs Wititterly had gone to sleep.
  • But will you permit me, fairest creature, to ask you one question, in the absence of the planet Venus, who has gone on business to the Horse Guards, and would otherwise—jealous of your superior charms—interpose between us?’
  • ’For Heaven’s sake!’ cried Madeline, interposing in alarm between them.
  • You don’t come in here,’ said Mr Snawley’s better-half, interposing her person, which was a robust one, in the doorway.
  • ’I can’t do that,’ interposed Brooker.
  • ’Stop,’ interposed Ralph, as Snawley was about to speak.
  • ’Kate,’ interposed Mrs Nickleby with severe dignity, ’I am surprised at you.’
  • Captain Adams,’ said the young lord, looking hurriedly about him, and addressing one of those who had interposed, ’let me speak with you, I beg.’
  • ’I WILL speak,’ cried Newman, standing on tiptoe to look over Tim’s head, who had interposed to prevent him.
  • It was a profligate haunt of the worst repute, and not a place in which such an affair was likely to awaken any sympathy for either party, or to call forth any further remonstrance or interposition.
  • As he appeared in a most extraordinary condition of restless excitement, and whenever Nicholas offered to speak, immediately interposed with: ’Don’t say another word, my dear sir, on any account—not another word,’ the young man thought it better to attempt no further interruption.
  • Mr Mantalini had got by this time into the passage, and was making his way to the door of Ralph’s office with very little ceremony, when Newman interposed his body; and hinting that Mr Nickleby was unwilling to be disturbed, inquired whether the client’s business was of a pressing nature.
  • ’It made ma cry when she knew it,’ interposed Miss Morleena, ’but we kept it from her for a long time; and pa was very low in his spirits, but he is better now; and I was very ill, but I am better too.’
  • Last night, the sacrifice of a young, affectionate, and beautiful creature, to such a wretch, and in such a cause, had seemed a thing too monstrous to succeed; and the warmer he grew, the more confident he felt that some interposition must save her from his clutches.
  • To do Ralph Nickleby justice, he seldom practised this sort of dissimulation; but he understood those who did, and therefore suffered Bray to say, again and again, with great vehemence, that they were jointly doing a very cruel thing, before he again offered to interpose a word.
  • The conversation threatened to take a somewhat angry tone when it had arrived thus far, but Mrs Crummles opportunely interposed to prevent its leading to any violent outbreak, by making some inquiries of the literary gentleman relative to the plots of the six new pieces which he had written by contract to introduce the African Knife-swallower in his various unrivalled performances.

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  • Where were their voices when the lips of Governor Barnett dripped with words of interposition and nullification?
    Martin Luther King, Jr.  --  Letter from a Birmingham Jail
  • Michael moved in front of the machine, interposing himself between Octavian and the two Greek demigods.
    Rick Riordan  --  The Blood of Olympus

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