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Man And Superman
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Man And Superman
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  • Do you suppose this eternal shallow cynicism of yours has any real bearing on a nature like hers?
  • Nevertheless he has a vigilant eye on them always, and that, too, rather cynically, like a man who knows the world well from its seamy side.
  • The truth is, you have—I won’t say no heart; for we know that beneath all your affected cynicism you have a warm one.
  • A horrible procession of wretched girls, each in the claws of a cynical, cunning, avaricious, disillusioned, ignorantly experienced, foul-minded old woman whom she calls mother, and whose duty it is to corrupt her mind and sell her to the highest bidder.
  • [cynically] You love her, then?
  • I call it cynical and disgusting materialism.
  • Jack has persuaded you that cynicism is a good tonic for me.
  • It is no more cynical than her view of herself as above all things a Mother.
  • But though there is much to be learnt from a cynical devil, I really cannot stand a sentimental one.
  • After all, an excellent peg to hang your cynical commonplaces on; but BEFORE all, it is an attempt on Man’s part to make himself something more than the mere instrument of Woman’s purpose.

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  • The experience made her overly cynical.
  • She is cynical and unhappy.

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