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  • They seem very comfortable as they are, and if she were to take any pains to marry him, she would probably repent it.
  • She was sorry, but could not repent.
  • If I were to marry, I must expect to repent it.
  • CHAPTER IX Emma did not repent her condescension in going to the Coles.
  • —She could not repent.
  • —She felt the engagement to be a source of repentance and misery to each—she dissolved it.
  • She did not repent what she had done; she still thought herself a better judge of such a point of female right and refinement than he could be; but yet she had a sort of habitual respect for his judgment in general, which made her dislike having it so loudly against her; and to have him sitting just opposite to her in angry state, was very disagreeable.
  • She felt the engagement to be a source of repentance and misery to each: she dissolved it.

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  • Prisoners who show repentance are more likely to be released on parole.
  • And wet his grave with my repentant tears-
    William Shakespeare  --  King Richard III

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