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  • He took no part in the conversation for a long while, but listened, with an air of calm enmity, while his friends discussed the Jesuits.
  • "I haven’t such a bad opinion of the Jesuits," he said, intervening at length.
  • The General of the Jesuits stands next to the Pope.
  • Every other order of the Church had to be reformed at some time or other but the Jesuit Order was never once reformed.
  • "The Jesuits are a fine body of men," said Mr. Power.
  • "The Jesuits cater for the upper classes," said Mr. M’Coy.
  • The transept of the Jesuit Church in Gardiner Street was almost full; and still at every moment gentlemen entered from the side door and, directed by the lay-brother, walked on tiptoe along the aisles until they found seating accommodation.
  • "There’s no mistake about it," said Mr. M’Coy, "if you want a thing well done and no flies about, you go to a Jesuit.
  • "It’s a curious thing," said Mr. Cunningham, "about the Jesuit Order.

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  • The University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy is an outstanding college-prep school.
  • He is a Jesuit professor of theology at Georgetown University.

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