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David Copperfield
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capital -- as in: invested capital
Used In
David Copperfield
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  • He went to India with his capital, and there, according to a wild legend in our family, he was once seen riding on an elephant, in company with a Baboon; but I think it must have been a Baboo - or a Begum.
  • It's a capital house for study.
  • My opinion of the coal trade on that river is, that it may require talent, but that it certainly requires capital.
  • Talent, Mr. Micawber has; capital, Mr. Micawber has not.
  • 'He'd write letters by the ream, if it was a capital offence!'
  • 'Capital, madam, capital,' urged Mr. Micawber, gloomily.
  • 'Capital, madam, capital,' urged Mr. Micawber, gloomily.
  • 'Capital?' cried my aunt.
  • It's a capital little gipsy sort of place.
  • But those were capital days, too, in Holborn Court!
  • Before we went, I wrote Traddles a full statement of all that had happened, and Traddles wrote me back a capital answer, expressive of his sympathy and friendship.
  • Agnes has a great liking for Traddles, and it is capital to see them meet, and to observe the glory of Traddles as he commends the dearest girl in the world to her acquaintance.
  • It would do for me and Dora admirably: with a little front garden for Jip to run about in, and bark at the tradespeople through the railings, and a capital room upstairs for my aunt.
  • 'Do you know, Copperfield,' said Traddles, cheerfully examining the dish, 'I think it is in consequence - they are capital oysters, but I think it is in consequence - of their never having been opened.'
  • 'But you are doing us a great service - have done us a great service, I may say, for surely much will come out of the fire - and what could we do for you, that would be half so good as to find the capital?'
  • They left me, during this time, with a very nice man with a very large head of red hair and a very small shiny hat upon it, who had got a cross-barred shirt or waistcoat on, with 'Skylark' in capital letters across the chest.
  • Bless my soul, when I see her getting up by candle-light on these dark mornings, busying herself in the day's arrangements, going out to market before the clerks come into the Inn, caring for no weather, devising the most capital little dinners out of the plainest materials, making puddings and pies, keeping everything in its right place, always so neat and ornamental herself, sitting up at night with me if it's ever so late, sweet-tempered and encouraging always, and all for me, I

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  • She worked hard to raise capital to start their new company.
  • She also earned additional income from a capital investment in her friend's company.

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