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David Copperfield
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  • when she had me for her theme.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • I believe the theme of this incomprehensible conundrum was the moon.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • My reflections on this theme were still in progress when dinner was announced.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • I was deeply sorry to have touched on such a painful theme, but that was useless now.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • I expressed my regret for having innocently touched upon a theme that roused him so much.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • It was pleasant weather, and on the road we made my domestic happiness the theme of conversation.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • She was the principal theme of our conversation during the evening: and when we parted for the night Steerforth called after me over the banisters, 'Bob swore!' as I went downstairs.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • Miss Shepherd being the one pervading theme and vision of my life, how do I ever come to break with her? I can't conceive.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • 'Then, he's such a generous, fine, noble fellow,' said I, quite carried away by my favourite theme, 'that it's hardly possible to give him as much praise as he deserves.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • 'You and your aunt will excuse me, Copperfield, if I touch upon a painful theme, as I greatly fear I shall,' said Traddles, hesitating; 'but I think it necessary to bring it to your recollection.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • It is astonishing to me now, how I found time, in the midst of my porings and blunderings over heavier themes, to read those books as I did.  (not reviewed by editor)

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