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David Copperfield
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disperse -- as in: the crowd dispersed
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David Copperfield
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  • After another broadside for the Doctor, and another for the Doctor’s wife, the boys dispersed, and I went back into the house, where I found the guests all standing in a group about the Doctor, discussing how Mr. Jack Maldon had gone away, and how he had borne it, and how he had felt it, and all the rest of it.
  • ’I am sorry,’ said I, laughing afresh, ’to have occasioned such a dispersion.’
  • ’I have been taking leave of my usual walk,’ said I. ’And I have been sitting here,’ said Steerforth, glancing round the room, ’thinking that all the people we found so glad on the night of our coming down, might — to judge from the present wasted air of the place — be dispersed, or dead, or come to I don’t know what harm.

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  • By the start of the second round, everyone at our table is dispersing among the crowd.
    Colleen Hoover  --  Slammed
  • We engaged in the preliminaries: small talk about Betsy’s family, college, career (all stellar, A-list, awesome), and drinks dispersed for everyone (soda pops and Clamato, which Go and I had come to believe was an affectation of Tanner’s, a quirk he thought would give him character, like my wearing fake glasses in college).
    Gillian Flynn  --  Gone Girl

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