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David Copperfield
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David Copperfield
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  • I thanked him, and assented; and particularly small it looked, under those circumstances.
  • He meant Ham, who beamed with delight and assent over the bag of shrimps.
  • I assented to this proposal, in default of being able to suggest anything else.
  • I thanked her, without making any demonstration of joy, lest it should induce her to withdraw her assent.
  • ’No doubt!’ returned Miss Murdstone, though, I thought, not with a very ready or gracious assent.
  • I nodded assent.
  • My aunt nodded assent.
  • ’Far from it,’ assented Miss Murdstone.
  • I was unwilling to damp my good friend’s confidence, and therefore assented.
  • Mr. Barkis turned his eyes upon me, as if for my assent to this result of his reflections in bed; and I gave it.
  • Miss Mowcher winked assent.
  • I murmured an assent, which was full of feeling, considering that I knew nothing at all about him; and I inquired what Mr. Traddles was by profession.
  • Mr. Spenlow apologetically murmured his assent.
  • As Traddles seemed to expect that I should assent to this as a matter of course, I nodded; and he went on, with the same sprightly patience — I can find no better expression — as before.
  • He assented to this in the most earnest manner; and implored me, if I should see him wandering an inch out of the right course, to recall him by some of those superior methods which were always at my command.
  • ’Be it so,’ assented Miss Lavinia, with a sigh — ’until I have had an opportunity of observing them.’
  • ’Be it so, Clarissa!’ assented Miss Lavinia resignedly — ’to me — and receiving our concurrence.
  • He assented, and prepared to accompany me.
  • ’ ’It is quite true,’ assented Traddles.
  • ’That is the principal, I may say the only difficulty, my dear Mr. Copperfield,’ assented his wife.
  • ’Precisely so,’ assented Mrs. Micawber.
  • My aunt, retaining her stiff position, and apparent composure, assented with a nod.
  • I nodded assent to the pretty inquiry of the raised eyebrows, and kissed the parted lips.

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  • She takes my silence as assent.
    Sabaa Tahir  --  An Ember in the Ashes
  • Their murmurs of assent and disapproval gave her a sense of order and rightness.
    Dave Eggers  --  The Circle

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