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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
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  • This fellow has heresy in his essay.
  • This thrust put the two lieutenants to silence but Heron went on: —In any case Byron was a heretic and immoral too.
  • —You don’t care whether he was a heretic or not? said Nash.
  • —Here, catch hold of this heretic, Heron called out.
  • —Tate made you buck up the other day, Heron went on, about the heresy in your essay.
  • That’s heresy.
  • —I am afraid you are a heretic.
  • —Because, Cranly continued, you need not look upon yourself as driven away if you do not wish to go or as a heretic or an outlaw.
  • He said Bruno was a terrible heretic.
  • His own image started forth a profaner of the cloister, a heretic franciscan, willing and willing not to serve, spinning like Gherardino da Borgo San Donnino, a lithe web of sophistry and whispering in her ear.

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  • It is a hardline form of Sunni Islam that condemns all other strains as heresy.
  • Before the separation of Church and State, an accusation of heresy could be treated as treason.

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