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Anna Karenina
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Anna Karenina
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  • "Well, what is it, Matrona?" queried Stepan Arkadyevitch, going up to her at the door.
  • Levin queried, panic-stricken.
  • "According to that, if my senses are annihilated, if my body is dead, I can have no existence of any sort?" he queried.
  • "You do not admit the conceivability at all?" he queried.
  • Betsy queried in horror, though she could not herself have distinguished Nilsson’s voice from any chorus girl’s.
  • "What! is there something new, then?" queried Levin.
  • Serpuhovskoy queried, smiling.
  • "Well?" he queried, smiling, and getting up.
  • "What say?" queried Marya Nikolaevna.
  • "How have you got on?" queried Levin.
  • "The train is at three?" queried the German.
  • "And the concert?" she queried.
  • "Well, my dear Lizaveta Petrovna?" she queried, clasping the hand of the midwife, who came out to meet them with a beaming and anxious face.
  • "And he positively is going?" queried Alexey Alexandrovitch.
  • "Eh, Anna?" he queried.
  • Eh?" queried Petritsky, blinking and rubbing his eyes.
  • But what can Anna do?" queried Darya Alexandrovna.

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  • She is an expert at querying the database.
  • In response to a reporter’s query, she said...

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