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Anna Karenina
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Anna Karenina
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  • "Alone, or with her husband?" inquired Matvey.
  • Dolly looked at her inquiringly.
  • And this was what caused his dubious, inquiring, sometimes hostile, expression, and the shyness and uncertainty which Vronsky found so irksome.
  • "Are you always in the country?" he inquired.
  • And again his eyes traveled inquiringly over all of them.
  • "Why should not I be dull at a ball?" inquired Anna.
  • And at dinner they inquire who lives at the top in that house.
  • "On the table," replied Matvey, glancing with inquiring sympathy at his master; and, after a short pause, he added with a sly smile, "They’ve sent from the carriage-jobbers."
  • One of the members going down—a lean official with a portfolio—stood out of his way and looked disapprovingly at the legs of the stranger, then glanced inquiringly at Oblonsky.
  • Vronsky looked inquiringly at her.
  • "What’s the question?" inquired Stepan Arkadyevitch, coming out of his room and addressing his wife.
  • She did not answer, and, bending her head a little, she looked inquiringly at him from under her brows, her eyes shining under their long lashes.
  • She glanced round for an instant, looked inquiringly at him, and with a slight frown turned away again.
  • "Why, have you met?" inquired their host.
  • "Well, my dear, so you took the olive branch?" inquired Countess Lidia Ivanovna, as soon as she came into the room.
  • "What was it?" inquired the princess.
  • For this reason there positively came into Alexey Alexandrovitch’s face a look of haughtiness and severity whenever anyone inquired after his wife’s health.
  • When Anna returned with the album, he was already gone, and Stepan Arkadyevitch was telling them that he had called to inquire about the dinner they were giving next day to a celebrity who had just arrived.
  • There was nothing either exceptional or strange in a man’s calling at half-past nine on a friend to inquire details of a proposed dinner party and not coming in, but it seemed strange to all of them.
  • The professor, in annoyance, and, as it were, mental suffering at the interruption, looked round at the strange inquirer, more like a bargeman than a philosopher, and turned his eyes upon Sergey Ivanovitch, as though to ask: What’s one to say to him?
  • "Mind you’re not late!" was Yashvin’s only comment; and to change the conversation: "How’s my roan? is he doing all right?" he inquired, looking out of the window at the middle one of the three horses, which he had sold Vronsky.
  • He felt that everyone was looking at him with inquiring wonder, that he was not understood, and that something was expected of him.
  • "This gentleman is a Russian, and was inquiring after you," said the head waiter.
  • He demanded the appointment of another special commission to inquire into the question of the Native Tribes Organization Committee.
  • Anna glanced inquiringly into her face, and blushed with a scared look.
  • She stopped suddenly, and glanced inquiringly at her husband (he did not look at her).
  • "Oh, and when you’ve cleared up, go away yourself," he added, looking inquiringly at his brother.
  • He would again have got his brother-in-law away, but Alexey Alexandrovitch himself inquired, with curiosity: "What did Pryatchnikov fight about?"
  • When they met him, with ill-disguised enjoyment they inquired after his wife’s health.
  • "What do you think?" he inquired.
  • But anything more than that in reality, no one cares to inquire.
  • He got up to go to his writing table, and Laska, lying at his feet, got up too, stretching and looking at him as though to inquire where to go.
  • "You don’t mean to say he’s here?" said Levin, and he wanted to inquire about Kitty.
  • Vronsky had gone home, but in the morning he came to inquire, and Alexey Alexandrovitch meeting him in the hall, said: "Better stay, she might ask for you," and himself led him to his wife’s boudoir.
  • And, anxious to change the conversation, he inquired about what interested them both—the new head of Stepan Arkadyevitch’s department, a man not yet old, who had suddenly been promoted to so high a position.
  • Slowly and inquiringly he looked for several seconds at his mother standing motionless before him, then all at once he smiled a blissful smile, and shutting his eyes, rolled not backwards but towards her into her arms.
  • Laska stopped, looking ironically at the horses and inquiringly at Levin.
  • He took Anna’s hand and looked inquiringly into her eyes.
  • "I want to read him ’Safe and Happy,’ or ’Under the Wing,’ " she said, looking inquiringly at Karenin.
  • Anna appeared not to notice Vronsky’s worried and inquiring expression, and began a lively account of her morning’s shopping.
  • "What’s that you don’t want to think about?" inquired Levin, coming onto the terrace.
  • The countess came in, sat down on the sofa, and she too asked after his wife and inquired about the concert.
  • Having inquired after Kitty, they had dropped into conversation upon other subjects.
  • Stepan Arkadyevitch inquired, smiling.
  • "Is there an answer?" she inquired.
  • "Inquire where the count has gone," she said.
  • Only one thing was essential: to have money in the bank, without inquiring where it came from, so as to know that one had the wherewithal to buy meat for tomorrow.
  • At the top Stepan Arkadyevitch inquired of the footman, who bowed to him as to an intimate friend, who was with Anna Arkadyevna, and received the answer that it was M. Vorkuev.
  • Fancy, if you were going along the street and saw drunken men beating a woman or a child—I imagine you would not stop to inquire whether war had been declared on the men, but would throw yourself on them, and protect the victim.
  • "Yes, that’s very true," he said, when Alexey Alexandrovitch took off the pince-nez, without which he could not read now, and looked inquiringly at his former brother-in-law, "that’s very true in particular cases, but still the principle of our day is freedom."
  • The assistant inquired in German whether he should give it, and receiving an affirmative reply from behind the partition, he took out a bottle and a funnel, deliberately poured the opium from a bigger bottle into a little one, stuck on a label, sealed it up, in spite of Levin’s request that he would not do so, and was about to wrap it up too.
  • Though he asked no one about it, reluctantly and with feigned indifference answered his friends’ inquiries as to how the book was going, and did not even inquire of the booksellers how the book was selling, Sergey Ivanovitch was all on the alert, with strained attention, watching for the first impression his book would make in the world and in literature.
  • How explain it without the Creator?" he said, looking inquiringly at Levin.
  • Would you say it’s hot?" she said, stopping short in the doorway and looking inquiringly at Vronsky.
  • Where is the count?" she inquired of two smart footmen who darted out.
  • You know Prince Tchetchensky?" inquired the prince; and Levin saw by his face that he was just going to relate something funny.
  • You haven’t told me!" she inquired, trying to conceal her triumph at the victory, which had anyway been on her side.
  • Not more?" she inquired.
  • ) The raising of this question by a hostile department was in Alexey Alexandrovitch’s opinion a dishonorable proceeding, seeing that in every department there were things similar and worse, which no one inquired into, for well-known reasons of official etiquette.
  • He inquired how his queer friend with the young wife was, and running his eyes over the ill-matched horses and the carriage with its patched mud-guards, proposed to the ladies that they should get into the char-a-banc.

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  • Students should contact our office to inquire about scholarship opportunities.
  • I am here to inquire about the job.

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