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Anna Karenina
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Anna Karenina
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  • "You are loathsome to me, repulsive!" she shrieked, getting more and more heated.
  • I have a loathing for fallen women.
  • "Happiness!" she said with horror and loathing and her horror unconsciously infected him.
  • "Why, whatever loathsome thoughts can you have?" asked Dolly, smiling.
  • As though everything that was good in me was all hidden away, and nothing was left but the most loathsome.
  • "Oh, well, everything presents itself to me, in the coarsest, most loathsome light," she went on.
  • This was a feeling of loathing for something—whether for Alexey Alexandrovitch, or for himself, or for the whole world, he could not have said.
  • This child’s presence always and infallibly called up in Vronsky that strange feeling of inexplicable loathing which he had experienced of late.
  • On hearing it, he felt come upon him with tenfold intensity that strange feeling of loathing of someone.
  • Levin for his part refrained from taking any vodka simply because he felt such a loathing of that Frenchwoman, all made up, it seemed, of false hair, poudre de riz, and vinaigre de toilette.
  • He loathes the sight of anything that’s not after his fashion.
  • When the three-mile steeplechase was beginning, she bent forward and gazed with fixed eyes at Vronsky as he went up to his horse and mounted, and at the same time she heard that loathsome, never-ceasing voice of her husband.
  • The mere idea of his wife, his Kitty, being in the same room with a common wench, set him shuddering with horror and loathing.
  • And directly they began to talk he would close his eyes, and would show weariness, indifference, and loathing.
  • How loathsome!
  • And pity in her womanly heart did not arouse at all that feeling of horror and loathing that it aroused in her husband, but a desire to act, to find out all the details of his state, and to remedy them.
  • By now he loathed this child.
  • I’m glad there’s something to give my life for, for it’s not simply useless but loathsome to me.
  • And with loathing she thought of what she meant by that love.
  • But they did not go back to Vozdvizhenskoe, as they had arranged to do long before; they went on staying in Moscow, though they both loathed it, because of late there had been no agreement between them.
  • Thinking of Alexey Alexandrovitch, she at once pictured him with extraordinary vividness as though he were alive before her, with his mild, lifeless, dull eyes, the blue veins in his white hands, his intonations and the cracking of his fingers, and remembering the feeling which had existed between them, and which was also called love, she shuddered with loathing.
  • "Alas! all the same," said Levin, "when with loathing I go over my life, I shudder and curse and bitterly regret it….
  • "Isn’t he right that everything in the world is base and loathsome?
  • You can’t imagine what loathsome thoughts I have about everything."
  • "The most utterly loathsome and coarse: I can’t tell you.
  • "I have nothing to make me miserable," she said, getting calmer; "but can you understand that everything has become hateful, loathsome, coarse to me, and I myself most of all?
  • Here, you’ve been married, you know the feeling…. it’s awful that we—old—with a past…. not of love, but of sins…. are brought all at once so near to a creature pure and innocent; it’s loathsome, and that’s why one can’t help feeling oneself unworthy."
  • These horses, this carriage—how loathsome I am to myself in this carriage—all his; but I won’t see them again."

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  • I make New Year’s resolutions every year and then loathe myself for breaking them.
  • I loathe that man. He ruined my life.

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