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The Idiot
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capital -- as in: invested capital
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The Idiot
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  • There is no capital punishment here for one thing.
  • "But is there capital punishment where you were?" asked Adelaida.
  • Well, I shall be spared such a hard beginning, and shall start with a little capital.
  • He talks about the economic movement, and the ebb and flow of capital; the devil knows what he means.
  • Leaving her in a distant province, he came to the capital in search of pupils.
  • —And-and-and as you are a capital fellow, I am convinced of that, I dare say we really shall end by being good friends.
  • Take note of it, prince, remember it; you collect, I am told, facts concerning capital punishment….
  • "Capital, that's much better!" cried Lebedeff, and seizing the key he made off in haste.
  • "Well done, prince, capital!" cried Aglaya, who entered the room at this moment.
  • Capital, gentlemen!
  • Mrs. Epanchin had a fair appetite herself, and generally took her share of the capital mid-day lunch which was always served for the girls, and which was nearly as good as a dinner.
  • Capital!
  • Capital!
  • Capital!
  • Totski himself, who had the reputation of being a capital talker, and was usually the life and soul of these entertainments, was as silent as any on this occasion, and sat in a state of, for him, most uncommon perturbation.
  • ALL three of the Miss Epanchins were fine, healthy girls, well-grown, with good shoulders and busts, and strong—almost masculine—hands; and, of course, with all the above attributes, they enjoyed capital appetites, of which they were not in the least ashamed.
  • "Look here, once for all," cried Aglaya, boiling over, "if I hear you talking about capital punishment, or the economical condition of Russia, or about Beauty redeeming the world, or anything of that sort, I'll—well, of course I shall laugh and seem very pleased, but I warn you beforehand, don't look me in the face again!

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  • She worked hard to raise capital to start their new company.
  • She also earned additional income from a capital investment in her friend's company.

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