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The Idiot
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The Idiot
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  • Up to this moment jealousy had not been one of his torments; now it suddenly gnawed at his heart.
  • And then, all those three years, I tried to understand why men should be for ever tormenting themselves.
  • Having arrived at Nastasia’s house one day, with Epanchin, Totski immediately began to speak of the intolerable torment of his position.
  • He went blindly forward; his knees shook under him; he was tormented by "ideas"; his lips were blue, and trembled with a feeble, meaningless smile.
  • These are your best feelings; you are only tormenting yourself.
  • And what if she torments you BECAUSE she loves you, and in proportion to her love for you, so she torments you the more?
  • Who has been tormenting the child?
  • For years she had tormented herself with this idea, and with the question: "Why don’t they get married?"
  • And what if she torments you BECAUSE she loves you, and in proportion to her love for you, so she torments you the more?
  • It was impossible for me to go on living when life was full of such detestable, strange, tormenting forms.
  • "No one ever tormented you on the subject," murmured Adelaida, aghast.
  • When he learns the truth, and finds what a pitiable being is this injured, broken, half-insane creature, he will forgive her all the torment she has caused him.
  • Why does everyone, everyone worry and torment me?
  • I think I must have tormented ’my faithful Colia’ (as I called him) a good deal too.
  • He tormented me of late; I could see that he always bore my tempers as though he had determined to ’spare the poor invalid.’
  • Why, WHY do they torment me and say I am going to marry you?
  • I’ll torment this man nearly into his grave, and then, oh! how I’ll compensate him for it all with my love!’
  • Why you should have frightened me so, why you should have wished to torment me like that, I cannot tell—but you it was.
  • Another thought tormented him: He wondered was this an arranged business—arranged to happen when he had guests in his house, and in anticipation of his humiliation rather than of his triumph?
  • Although the impudence of this attack, this public proclamation of intimacy, as it were, was doubtless premeditated, and had its special object, yet Evgenie Pavlovitch at first seemed to intend to make no show of observing either his tormentor or her words.
  • "What’s the good of tormenting him like this?" cried the prince.
  • What had so tormented him was the idea that he was a stranger to all this, that he was outside this glorious festival.
  • The question had long tormented him, although he implicitly trusted that soul.
  • Remorse then seized him; he threw up his post, and buried himself in self-torment and reproach.
  • "I don’t torment him, prince, I don’t indeed!" cried Lebedeff, hotly.
  • Nonsense! love him and torment him so!
  • I was dreadfully afraid it would sting me; somebody had told me, I thought, that it was venomous; but what tormented me most of all was the wondering and wondering as to who had sent it into my room, and what was the mystery which I felt it contained.
  • One fact stood out certain and clear, and that was that poor Aglaya must be in a state of great distress and indecision and mental torment ("from jealousy," the prince whispered to himself).
  • He had been tormented dumbly; but now it appeared to him that he must have said these very words—even then—and that Hippolyte must have taken his picture of the little fly from his tears and words of that time.
  • He could always name her and recognize her anywhere; but, strange, she seemed to have quite a different face from hers, as he had known it, and he felt a tormenting desire to be able to say she was not the same woman.
  • "As for you, sir," he cried, "you should at least remember that you are in a strange house and—receiving hospitality; you should not take the opportunity of tormenting an old man, sir, who is too evidently out of his mind."
  • THIS same morning dawned for the prince pregnant with no less painful presentiments,—which fact his physical state was, of course, quite enough to account for; but he was so indefinably melancholy,—his sadness could not attach itself to anything in particular, and this tormented him more than anything else.
  • Several passages returned again and again to his mind, and as he brooded over them, he felt inclined to say to himself that he had foreseen and known all that was written here; it even seemed to him that he had read the whole of this some time or other, long, long ago; and all that had tormented and grieved him up to now was to be found in these old, long since read, letters.
  • "If you are aware of the real reason for my father’s present condition (and you have kept such an excellent spying watch during these last few days that you are sure to be aware of it)—you had no right whatever to torment the—unfortunate man, and to worry my mother by your exaggerations of the affair; because the whole business is nonsense—simply a drunken freak, and nothing more, quite unproved by any evidence, and I don’t believe that much of it!"
  • "You’ll hate her afterwards for all your present love, and for all the torment you are suffering on her account now.
  • "So that if I cannot now impart all that has tormented me for the last six months, at all events you will understand that, having reached my ’last convictions,’ I must have paid a very dear price for them.
  • Don’t go, he’ll blow his brains out in a minute!" cried Vera Lebedeff, rushing up to Hippolyte and catching hold of his hands in a torment of alarm.
  • Now and then I was able to persuade her almost to see light around her again; but she would soon fall, once more, into her old tormenting delusions, and would go so far as to reproach me for placing myself on a pedestal above her (I never had an idea of such a thing!

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  • She enjoys tormenting others.
  • She concealed her torment.

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