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The Idiot
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ecstasy -- as in: a state of ecstasy
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The Idiot
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  • She was almost like a madwoman, with excitement and ecstasy, whenever I came.
  • You may imagine her ecstasy, her gratitude.
  • He was panting with ecstasy.
  • The whole of Regojin’s being was concentrated in one rapturous gaze of ecstasy.
  • He was hopelessly and wildly beside himself with ecstasy.
  • Lebedeff wore an expression of utmost ecstasy.
  • Every misfortune and mishap of the mother-country fills him with mirth, and even with ecstasy.
  • I felt an ecstasy in being in my native land once more; and one sunny morning I took up a pen and wrote her that letter, but why to HER, I don’t quite know.
  • The general was in ecstasies, for the prince’s remarks, made, as they evidently were, in all seriousness and simplicity, quite dissipated the last relics of his suspicion.
  • He stood still in alarm—in almost superstitious alarm, for a moment; then all mists seemed to clear away from his eyes; he was conscious of nothing but light and joy and ecstasy; his breath came and went; but the moment passed.
  • Farther on, in another place, she wrote: "Do not consider my words as the sickly ecstasies of a diseased mind, but you are, in my opinion—perfection!

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  • the agony and the ecstasy of intense sports competition
  • The sculpture is called "The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa."

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