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The Idiot
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The Idiot
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  • He sent another messenger during the night to inquire after her, and two more next morning.
  • "Ferdishenko," he said, gazing intently and inquiringly into the prince’s eyes.
  • "Surely you—are from abroad?" he inquired at last, in a confused sort of way.
  • You see they might come out and inquire for you, and you wouldn’t be on the spot.
  • The prince looked inquiringly at the other.
  • At last she looked up inquiringly at Varia.
  • "At all events, I must request you to step into the salon," said Gania, his rage rising quite out of proportion to his words, "and then I shall inquire—"
  • Gania glanced inquiringly at the speaker.
  • I was very anxious to hear him speak of his impressions during that dreadful time, and I several times inquired of him as to what he thought and felt.
  • He rushed like a whirlwind from the room, and Muishkin looked inquiringly at the others.
  • "I don’t remember any Nicolai Lvovitch, Was that your father?" she inquired of the prince.
  • Everyone inquired for them, everybody wanted them; and a grand lot of camellias are to be got in a country town—as you all know—and two balls to provide for!
  • Replying to them, he made known to the inquirer that he certainly had been long absent from Russia, more than four years; that he had been sent abroad for his health; that he had suffered from some strange nervous malady—a kind of epilepsy, with convulsive spasms.
  • By the way, do you know that the monster comes every day to inquire after your health?
  • Muishkin looked at him inquiringly.
  • "Did not you ask me the question seriously" inquired the prince, in amazement.
  • But the prince did not inquire.
  • His first word was to inquire after Evgenie Pavlovitch.
  • The day after these scandalous events, however, the prince had the honour of receiving a visit from Adelaida and her fiance, Prince S. They came, ostensibly, to inquire after his health.
  • Alexandra and Adelaida came in almost immediately, and looked inquiringly at the prince and their mother.
  • "Did you get my hedgehog?" she inquired, firmly and almost angrily.
  • "Did you go before Lizabetha Prokofievna in your present condition?" inquired the prince.
  • Twice during the day a messenger came to Nina Alexandrovna from the Epanchins to inquire after the invalid.
  • He seemed to inquire whether he MIGHT speak.
  • He soon heard that a messenger from the Epanchins’ had already been to inquire after him.
  • Nastasia immediately went across to Hippolyte’s to inquire more accurately, and returned immensely relieved and comforted.
  • To the amazement of the prince, who overheard the remark, Aglaya looked haughtily and inquiringly at the questioner, as though she would give him to know, once for all, that there could be no talk between them about the ’poor knight,’ and that she did not understand his question.
  • The good ladies recommended the prince to try knocking at Rogojin’s once more—not at once, but in the evening Meanwhile, the mother would go to Pavlofsk to inquire at Dana Alexeyevna’s whether anything had been heard of Nastasia there.
  • He guessed at once that they knew perfectly well who he was, and that yesterday ought to have been his wedding-day; and further that they were dying to ask about the wedding, and especially about why he should be here now, inquiring for the woman who in all reasonable human probability might have been expected to be with him in Pavlofsk.
  • Someone is inquiring for him," said Nina Alexandrovna in a loud voice, interrupting the conversation.
  • Herself?" he inquired, with much curiosity and great animation.
  • "Prince," asked Nina Alexandrovna, "I wanted to inquire whether you have known my son long?
  • What do you mean?" inquired Mrs. Epanchin.
  • He jumped up and hurried off, remembering suddenly that he was wanted at his father’s bedside; but before he went out of the room he inquired hastily after the prince’s health, and receiving the latter’s reply, added: "Isn’t there something else, prince?

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  • I am here to inquire about the job.

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