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The Idiot
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audible -- as in: barely audible
Used In
The Idiot
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  • Then he drew him along, murmuring almost inaudibly, "Come!"
  • He was quaking in all his limbs, and his words came in a scarcely audible whisper.
  • "I love Gavrila Ardalionovitch," she said, quickly; but hardly audibly, and with her head bent lower than ever.
  • The prince’s heart beat so loud that its knocking seemed to be distinctly audible in the deathly silence.
  • "And—and I did run away from him—you are right there," she added, scarcely audibly.
  • "He has told me already that he hates you," murmured Aglaya, scarcely audibly.
  • "I was afraid," he muttered, scarcely audibly, "but I hardly thought it would come to this."

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  • She spoke in a barely audible whisper.
  • It was so quiet, our breathing was the only thing audible in the room.

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