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The Idiot
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The Idiot
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  • The prince had grown animated as he spoke, and a tinge of colour suffused his pale face, though his way of talking was as quiet as ever.
  • Imperceptibly the conversation grew more animated and more interesting, so that neither of the two felt anxious to bring it to a close.
  • Colia also had joined the party, and was talking with animation to Hippolyte, who listened with a jeering smile on his lips.
  • He had taken a part, and an animated one, in the noisy conversation of the company; but his animation was clearly the outcome of fever.
  • "Yes, I certainly said so," he continued with sudden animation, fixing an unflinching glance on his questioner.
  • Evgenie Pavlovitch continued some apparently extremely funny and interesting anecdote to Alexandra, speaking quickly and with much animation.
  • He had taken a part, and an animated one, in the noisy conversation of the company; but his animation was clearly the outcome of fever.
  • "It is…. it is something quite inconceivable, prince," he repeated with growing animation, like a man regaining consciousness.
  • Occasionally a violent fit of coughing stopped him, but his animation grew with the progress of the reading—as did also the disagreeable impression which it made upon his audience,—until it reached the highest pitch of excitement.
  • The old women would not let the children stay in the room; but they all collected outside the window each morning, if only for a moment, and shouted ’Bon jour, notre bonne Marie!’ and Marie no sooner caught sight of, or heard them, and she became quite animated at once, and, in spite of the old women, would try to sit up and nod her head and smile at them, and thank them.
  • On the day before the wedding, the prince left Nastasia in a state of great animation.
  • But the sudden outbreak of song did not last; and for an hour afterwards the animated sound of apparently drunken conversation continued to be heard from above.
  • "I have not asked you to marry me yet, Aglaya Ivanovna," said the prince, becoming suddenly animated; "but you know yourself how much I love you and trust you."
  • When they were together they never discussed their "feelings," and there was nothing in their cheerful, animated conversation which an outsider could not have heard.
  • He evidently had sudden fits of returning animation, when he awoke from his semi-delirium; then, recovering full self-possession for a few moments, he would speak, in disconnected phrases which had perhaps haunted him for a long while on his bed of suffering, during weary, sleepless nights.
  • Herself?" he inquired, with much curiosity and great animation.
  • "There," explained the prince, with great delight and animation, "there, that’s the abbot’s real signature—from a manuscript of the fourteenth century.
  • "Just now, I confess," began the prince, with more animation, "when you asked me for a subject for a picture, I confess I had serious thoughts of giving you one.
  • ) It would be difficult to describe the animation and high spirits which distinguished the prince for the rest of the evening.
  • How could you sleep here after that?" she cried, growing suddenly animated.

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  • She won an award for best animated cartoon.
  • The right to pursue happiness is the animating principle of capitalism.

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