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Crime and Punishment
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Crime and Punishment
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  • The drunken man was more and more overcome by dismay and confusion as they drew nearer the house.
  • A look of dismay came into Luzhin’s face.
  • "Come, mamma, come out of the room at least for a minute," Dounia whispered in dismay; "we are distressing him, that’s evident."
  • "Good heavens, Dounia, what is going to happen?" said Pulcheria Alexandrovna, addressing her daughter with anxiety and dismay.
  • Pulcheria Alexandrovna asked in dismay.
  • Sonia looked at him almost with dismay.
  • Sonia unconsciously repeated in dismay.
  • He recognised suddenly, clearly, and with dismay that he ought at once to come to an understanding with that man and to make what terms he could.
  • Raskolnikov asked in dismay.
  • Svidrigailov asked in naive dismay, taking not the slightest notice of the epithet bestowed on his designs.
  • Dounia had never met him like this in the street before and was struck with dismay.
  • Sonia too jumped up from her chair and looked in dismay at Svidrigailov.
  • She rose from the sofa in dismay and stood up facing him.
  • Don’t you see…." the mother interposed in dismay.

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  • Don’t be dismayed. I have a solution.
  • Hope was replaced by dismay.

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