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The Winter's Tale
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The Winter's Tale
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  • If, therefore you dare trust my honesty,— That lies enclosed in this trunk, which you Shall bear along impawn’d,—away to-night.
  • Sir, I will tell you; Since I am charg’d in honour, and by him That I think honourable: therefore mark my counsel, Which must be ev’n as swiftly follow’d as I mean to utter it, or both yourself and me Cry lost, and so goodnight!
  • Do not repent these things; for they are heavier Than all thy woes can stir; therefore betake thee To nothing but despair.
  • And indeed, sir, there are cozeners abroad; therefore it behoves men to be wary.
  • Therefore proceed.
  • I’ll not put The dibble in earth to set one slip of them; No more than were I painted, I would wish This youth should say, ’twere well, and only therefore Desire to breed by me.
  • Nine changes of the watery star hath been The shepherd’s note since we have left our throne Without a burden: time as long again Would be fill’d up, my brother, with our thanks; And yet we should, for perpetuity, Go hence in debt: and therefore, like a cipher, Yet standing in rich place, I multiply With one we-thank-you many thousands more That go before it.
  • Think’st thou, for that I insinuate, or toaze from thee thy business, I am therefore no courtier?
  • Yet nature might have made me as these are, Therefore I will not disdain.
  • Your honour not o’erthrown by your desires, I am friend to them and you: upon which errand I now go toward him; therefore, follow me, And mark what way I make.
  • As she liv’d peerless, So her dead likeness, I do well believe, Excels whatever yet you look’d upon Or hand of man hath done; therefore I keep it Lonely, apart.
  • Let me have no lying; it becomes none but tradesmen, and they often give us soldiers the lie: but we pay them for it with stamped coin, not stabbing steel; therefore they do not give us the lie.
  • No more such wives; therefore, no wife: one worse, And better us’d, would make her sainted spirit Again possess her corpse; and on this stage,— Where we offend her now,—appear soul-vexed, And begin ’Why to me?’
  • Why, be so still; here’s nobody will steal that from thee: yet, for the outside of thy poverty we must make an exchange; therefore discase thee instantly,—thou must think there’s a necessity in’t,—and change garments with this gentleman: though the pennyworth on his side be the worst, yet hold thee, there’s some boot.
  • Camillo, Not for Bohemia, nor the pomp that may Be thereat glean’d; for all the sun sees or The close earth wombs, or the profound seas hide In unknown fathoms, will I break my oath To this my fair belov’d: therefore, I pray you, As you have ever been my father’s honour’d friend When he shall miss me,—as, in faith, I mean not To see him any more,—cast your good counsels Upon his passion: let myself and fortune Tug for the time to come.
  • This your request Is altogether just: therefore, bring forth, And in Apollo’s name, his oracle: [Exeunt certain Officers.

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  • Kim is taller than Ashley. Ashley is taller than Anna. Therefore, Kim is taller than Anna.
  • It has not been approved for use in this country. Therefore, you cannot buy it here.

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