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Henry VIII
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Henry VIII
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  • Meanwhile must be an earnest motion Made to the Queen, to call back her appeal She intends unto his Holiness.
  • I must tell you, You tender more your person’s honour than Your high profession spiritual; that again I do refuse you for my judge; and here, Before you all, appeal unto the Pope, To bring my whole cause ’fore his Holiness, And to be judg’d by him.

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  • If entreaties Will render you no remedy, this ring Deliver them, and your appeal to us There make before them.

  • There are no more uses of "appeal" in the play.

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as in: appealed for help Define
a request or the act of asking -- sometimes specifically that a decision be overturned
as in: appeals to youthful tastes Define
attractiveness or desirability; or to be attractive or desirable
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