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Henry IV, Part 1
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Henry IV, Part 1
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  • You rogue, here’s lime in this sack too
  • Well, I doubt not but to die a fair death for all this, if I ’scape hanging for killing that rogue.
  • I have forsworn his company hourly any time this two-and-twenty year, and yet I am bewitch’d with the rogue’s company.
  • Out, ye rogue! shall I be your ostler?
  • You lie, ye rogue; ’tis going to the King’s tavern.
  • What a frosty-spirited rogue is this!
  • How the rogue roar’d!
  • The virtue of this jest will be, the incomprehensible lies that this same fat rogue will tell us when we meet at supper: how thirty, at least, he fought with; what wards, what blows, what extremities he endured; and in the reproof of this lies the jest.
  • You rogue, here’s lime in this sack too: there is nothing but roguery to be found in villainous man: yet a coward is worse than a cup of sack with lime in it, a villanous coward.
  • Away, you rogue! dost thou not hear them call?
  • — Give me a cup of sack, rogue.
  • —Give me a cup of sack: I am a rogue, if I drunk to-day.
  • I am a rogue, if I were not at half-sword with a dozen of them two hours together.
  • You rogue, they were bound, every man of them; or I am a Jew else, an Ebrew Jew.
  • I’ll procure this fat rogue a charge of foot; and I know his death will be a march of twelve-score.
  • Out, ye rogue!

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  • South Korea is always mindful of its rogue neighbor to the north.
  • The village is worried about a rogue elephant.

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