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The Comedy of Errors
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The Comedy of Errors
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  • — Thy substance, valued at the highest rate, Cannot amount unto a hundred marks: Therefore by law thou art condemn’d to die.
  • Therefore, give out you are of Epidamnum, Lest that your goods too soon be confiscate.
  • Thus I mend it: Time himself is bald, and, therefore, to the world’s end will have bald followers.
  • I know thou canst; and, therefore, see thou do it.
  • At length another ship had seiz’d on us; And, knowing whom it was their hap to save, Gave healthful welcome to their ship-wreck’d guests; And would have reft the fishers of their prey, Had not their bark been very slow of sail, And therefore homeward did they bend their course.
  • There’s none but witches do inhabit here; And therefore ’tis high time that I were hence.
  • A man is well holp up that trusts to you: I promised your presence, and the chain; But neither chain nor goldsmith came to me: Belike you thought our love would last too long, If it were chain’d together; and therefore came not.
  • You know, since Pentecost the sum is due, And since I have not much importun’d you; Nor now I had not, but that I am bound To Persia, and want guilders for my voyage; Therefore make present satisfaction, Or I’ll attach you by this officer.
  • I will not stay to-night for all the town; Therefore away to get our stuff aboard.
  • Therefore, most gracious duke, with thy command Let him be brought forth and borne hence for help.
  • But though thou art adjudged to the death, And passed sentence may not be recall’d But to our honour’s great disparagement, Yet will I favour thee in what I can: Therefore, merchant, I’ll limit thee this day To seek thy help by beneficial help: Try all the friends thou hast in Ephesus: Beg thou, or borrow, to make up the sum, And live; if not, then thou art doom’d to die.
  • I will attend my husband, be his nurse, Diet his sickness, for it is my office, And will have no attorney but myself; And therefore let me have him home with me.
  • Be patient; for I will not let him stir Till I have used the approved means I have, With wholesome syrups, drugs, and holy prayers, To make of him a formal man again: It is a branch and parcel of mine oath, A charitable duty of my order; Therefore depart, and leave him here with me.

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  • Kim is taller than Ashley. Ashley is taller than Anna. Therefore, Kim is taller than Anna.
  • It has not been approved for use in this country. Therefore, you cannot buy it here.

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