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Jane Eyre
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Jane Eyre
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  • When she returned, I inquired what he had said.
  • I inquired, amazed at hearing the French language.
  • "Adele," I inquired, "with whom did you live when you were in that pretty clean town you spoke of?"
  • I was thinking, sir, that very few masters would trouble themselves to inquire whether or not their paid subordinates were piqued and hurt by their orders.
  • You would, perhaps, think me rude if I inquired in return whether you are a philanthropist?
  • At the end of a few minutes he inquired in rather a peculiar tone — "I forget whether you said you saw anything when you opened your chamber door."
  • I again inquired.
  • I inquired.
  • Mr. Rochester was Mr. Rochester in her eyes; a gentleman, a landed proprietor — nothing more: she inquired and searched no further, and evidently wondered at my wish to gain a more definite notion of his identity.
  • "Well," said Mr. Rochester, gazing inquiringly into my eyes, "how is my Janet now?"
  • She inquired how long they had been dead: then how old I was, what was my name, whether I could read, write, and sew a little: then she touched my cheek gently with her forefinger, and saying, "She hoped I should be a good child," dismissed me along with Miss Miller.
  • "Have you told master that you heard a laugh?" she inquired.
  • "What are they, madam?" inquired Mr. Rochester aloud.
  • "What is she like?" inquired the Misses Eshton, in a breath.
  • "Was anybody stirring below when you went down, Jane?" inquired Mr. Rochester presently.
  • "Does that person want you?" she inquired of Mr. Rochester; and Mr. Rochester turned to see who the "person" was.
  • I inquired soon if he had not been to London.
  • Then addressing Mason, he inquired gently, "Are you aware, sir, whether or not this gentleman’s wife is still living?"
  • Never mind: I came here to inquire, not to confess.
  • "And what for, ’no, thank you?’ if one may inquire."
  • Nothing of the sort was visible; and when I asked a waiter if any one had been to inquire after a Miss Eyre, I was answered in the negative: so I had no resource but to request to be shown into a private room: and here I am waiting, while all sorts of doubts and fears are troubling my thoughts.
  • "You know I am a scoundrel, Jane?" ere long he inquired wistfully — wondering, I suppose, at my continued silence and tameness, the result rather of weakness than of will.
  • I inquired.
  • "You say he never mentioned us?" inquired one of the ladies.
  • "What do you want?" she inquired, in a voice of surprise, as she surveyed me by the light of the candle she held.
  • "Are you book-learned?" she inquired presently.
  • I inquired, as she brought out a basket of the fruit.
  • I inquired whether this was the case: no doubt in a somewhat crest-fallen tone.
  • "What is the matter?" he inquired.
  • Meantime, you forget essential points in pursuing trifles: you do not inquire why Mr. Briggs sought after you — what he wanted with you.
  • At any rate, it shall be strong enough to search — inquire — to grope an outlet from this cloud of doubt, and find the open day of certainty.
  • Go up to that man, and inquire if Mr. Rochester be at home.
  • Replies rose smooth and prompt now:— "You must enclose the advertisement and the money to pay for it under a cover directed to the editor of the Herald; you must put it, the first opportunity you have, into the post at Lowton; answers must be addressed to J.E., at the post-office there; you can go and inquire in about a week after you send your letter, if any are come, and act accordingly."
  • In the course of my necessary correspondence with Mr. Briggs about the will, I had inquired if he knew anything of Mr. Rochester’s present residence and state of health; but, as St. John had conjectured, he was quite ignorant of all concerning him.
  • The first time I found St. John alone after this communication, I felt tempted to inquire if the event distressed him: but he seemed so little to need sympathy, that, so far from venturing to offer him more, I experienced some shame at the recollection of what I had already hazarded.
  • I don’t know, ma’am; I’ll inquire at the bar."
  • Have we anything else to stay for?" he inquired of Mr. Mason.

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  • Students should contact our office to inquire about scholarship opportunities.
  • I am here to inquire about the job.

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