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The Grapes of Wrath
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The Grapes of Wrath
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unspecified meaning
  • Outside, a man walking along the edge of the highway crossed over and approached the truck.
  • Only the unbalanced sky showed the approach of dawn, no horizon to the west, and a line to the east.

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  • The sun cut into the shade of the truck as noon approached.
  • A sedan driven by a forty-year-old woman approached.
  • Muley watched the approaching lights.
  • And now a light truck approached, and as it came near, the driver saw the turtle and swerved to hit it.
  • One of them, stretching his neck, edged forward, ready to run, and little by little he approached Tom’s legs and sniffed loudly at them.
  • Then footsteps, and a man approached.
  • And at last Muley approached Tom.
  • She untied the three-gallon bucket from the back of the truck and approached the squealing children.

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  • In her half-sleep she heard footsteps approaching, but it was a man’s voice that started her awake.
  • He looked up when Tom approached.
  • And Ruthie cautiously approached the sanitary unit and peeked in the open doorway.
  • At last she approached.
  • They moved silently back at her approach.
  • Very cautiously he approached the square of houses.
  • He approached a great mound of wild blackberry bushes, leaned over and pulled a mat of vines aside.
  • Wainwright and Al got to their feet and approached the door.
  • Two deputies approached.
  • He did not hear Joad approaching, for he was whistling solemnly the tune of "Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby.
  • How ya?" The approaching man stopped, startled by the call, and then he came on quickly.
  • " She didn’t look again, but she was conscious of the approach of the committee.
  • Ma, don’t let her——" Ma turned and looked at the approaching figure.
  • Who the hell’s comin’ here?" They watched the figure approaching in the evening light, and the dust it raised was reddened by the setting sun.

  • There are no more uses of "approach" in the book.

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as in: approached the city Define
to come near or nearer
as in: use the best approach Define
a way of doing something; or a rout that leads to a particular place
as in: approached her with the proposal Define
to speak with someone about something for the first time -- such as a proposal -- often something discussed in a delicate, tentative way
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