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A Tale of Two Cities
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A Tale of Two Cities
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  • A moment of profound silence followed.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • I am so profoundly interested in its miserable inhabitants.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • It was a profounder remark than Mr. Lorry had looked for.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • I had kept the matter a profound secret, even from my wife; and this, too, I resolved to state in my letter.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • It was a hard matter to preserve the innocent deceit of which they were profoundly unsuspicious.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • At this second interchange of the Christian name, Madame Defarge, still using her toothpick with profound composure, coughed another grain of cough, and raised her eyebrows by the breadth of another line.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • In the midst of a profound stillness, she faintly began: "When the gentleman came on board—" "Do you mean the prisoner?" inquired the Judge, knitting his brows.  (not reviewed by editor)

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