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  • Urbane, to comfort them, the quaker librarian purred: —And we have, have we not, those priceless pages of Wilhelm Meister.
  • Portals of discovery opened to let in the quaker librarian, softcreakfooted, bald, eared and assiduous.
  • —They say we are to have a literary surprise, the quaker librarian said, friendly and earnest.
  • The quaker librarian came from the leavetakers.
  • —The spirit of reconciliation, the quaker librarian breathed.
  • The benign forehead of the quaker librarian enkindled rosily with hope.
  • —Yes, indeed, the quaker librarian said.
  • —For Willie Hughes, is it not? the quaker librarian asked.
  • —Do you think it is only a paradox? the quaker librarian was asking.
  • The quaker librarian, quaking, tiptoed in, quake, his mask, quake, with haste, quake, quack.
  • The quaker librarian springhalted near.
  • The quaker’s pate godlily with a priesteen in booktalk.
  • GiÓ: di lui. gelindo risolve di non amare S. D. —What is that, Mr Dedalus? the quaker librarian asked.

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  • Quakers are known for their pacifism.
  • Many pamphlets pro and con were publish’d on the subject, and some by good Quakers, in favour of defense, which I believe convinc’d most of their younger people.
    Benjamin Franklin  --  The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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