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To Kill a Mockingbird
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To Kill a Mockingbird
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  • There are no better people in the world than the Jews, and why Hitler doesn’t think so is a mystery to me.
  • Well, she went on today about how bad it was him treatin’ the Jews like that.
  • Well anyway, Hitler’s started a program to round up all the half-Jews too and he wants to register ’cause in case they might wanta cause him any trouble and I think this is a bad thing and that’s my current event.
  • "Nome, Miss Gates, it says herewell anyway, old Adolf Hitler has been after the Jews and he’s puttin’
  • An inquiring soul in the middle of the room said, "Why don’t they like the Jews, you reckon, Miss Gates?
  • Miss Gates said, "When you get to high school, Cecil, you’ll learn that the Jews have been persecuted since the beginning of history, even driven out of their own country.

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  • Jerusalem is a holy city for Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
  • Jerusalem’s Western Wall is Judaism’s holiest prayer site.

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