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The Grapes of Wrath
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tone -- as in: the tone of the essay
Used In
The Grapes of Wrath
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  • The questions of the driver had the tone of a subtle examination.
  • And on the preacher’s face there was a look not of prayer, but of thought; and in his tone not supplication, but conjecture.
  • Preachin’s a kinda tone a voice, an’ preachin’s a way a lookin’ at things.
  • He finished in the tone of a benediction, and Al reddened a little with pleasure.
  • Her tone had made him ashamed.
  • "His eyes was still open," said Ruthie in a hushed tone.
  • "It’s sleep—" Ma said in a shamed tone.
  • Mae’s tone was faltering.
  • Her tone was cold and final.
  • "Gonna pick peaches?" Pa’s tone was dignified.
  • The words were not clear, only the tone.
  • Now a response filled in the pause, and the exhortation went up with a tone of triumph, and a growl of power came into the voice.
  • The camp was quiet in the blinding heat, but the noises of hot grass—of crickets, the hum of flies—were a tone that was close to silence.
  • Ma said, in a sharp matter-of-fact tone, "I don’ see why him savin’ Tom got to get you drunk."
  • Pa’s voice took on her tone.
  • She put an interest in her tone.
  • And we all got on the same tone, an’ I tell ya, it jus’ seemed like that tank bulged an’ give and swelled up.
  • "You git quick." There was no argument against such a tone. Ruthie and Winfield went reluctantly down the car.
  • Ruthie heard the threat in Ma’s tone, and changed her tactics.

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  • Which of the following words best maintains the tone established in this passage.
  • Would you describe the author’s tone as more optimistic or more pessimistic?

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