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Brave New World
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unspecified meaning
  • "And this," said the Director opening the door, "is the Fertilizing Room."
  • A troop of newly arrived students, very young, pink and callow, followed nervously, rather abjectly, at the Director’s heels.

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  • Tall and rather thin but upright, the Director advanced into the room.
  • "Scores," the Director repeated and flung out his arms, as though he were distributing largesse.
  • The Director wheeled sharply round on him.
  • "But, alas," the Director shook his head, "we can’t bokanovskify indefinitely."
  • "Containing all the relevant information," added the Director.
  • "Give them a few figures, Mr. Foster," said the Director, who was tired of talking.
  • "Charming, charming," murmured the Director and, giving her two or three little pats, received in exchange a rather deferential smile for himself.
  • "Charming," said the Director once more, and, with a final pat, moved away after the others.

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  • But the Director had looked at his watch.
  • The Director smiled indulgently.
  • The Director opened a door.
  • The Director rubbed his hands.
  • The Director waited until all were happily busy.
  • "And now," the Director shouted (for the noise was deafening), "now we proceed to rub in the lesson with a mild electric shock."
  • "We can electrify that whole strip of floor," bawled the Director in explanation.
  • "Observe," said the Director triumphantly, "observe."
  • The Director turned to his nurses.
  • "We condition the masses to hate the country," concluded the Director.
  • The Director interrupted himself.
  • The Director nodded approvingly.
  • "In brief," the Director summed up, "the parents were the father and the mother."
  • (Here the Director made a sign of the T on his stomach and all the students reverently followed suit.) "And yet …" Furiously the students scribbled.
  • The students and even the Director himself rose automatically to the tips of their toes.
  • Fifty yards of tiptoeing brought them to a door which the Director cautiously opened.
  • A nurse rose as they entered and came to attention before the Director.
  • The Director walked slowly down the long line of cots.
  • The Director walked up to it and pressed a switch.
  • Once more the Director touched the switch.
  • The Director almost shouted in his triumph.
  • The Director and his students stood for a short time watching a game of Centrifugal Bumble-puppy.
  • "I always think," the Director was continuing in the same rather maudlin tone, when he was interrupted by a loud boo-hooing.
  • "Quite right," said the Director.
  • "And a very good name too," said the Director.
  • "Exquisite little creature!" said the Director, looking after her.
  • "Twenty," the Director repeated.
  • "It’s all right, Director," he said in a tone of faint derision, "I won’t corrupt them."
  • And then there’s the Director to think of.
  • Otherwise the Director would never have kept him.
  • Bent over their instruments, three hundred Fertilizers were plunged, as the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning entered the room, in the scarcely breathing silence, the absent-minded, soliloquizing hum or whistle, of absorbed concentration.
  • "A permit for you to initial, Director," he said as airily as possible, and laid the paper on the writing-table.
  • The Director glanced at him sourly.
  • The director had no choice.
  • The Director leaned back in his chair, frowning.
  • A man so conventional, so scrupulously correct as the Director–and to commit so gross a solecism!
  • What made him feel shy was the knowledge that the Director disapproved–disapproved and yet had been betrayed into doing the forbidden thing.
  • "I had the same idea as you," the Director was saying.
  • Shaking his head, "I actually dream about it sometimes," the Director went on in a low voice.
  • As recently as a week ago, in the Director’s office, he had imagined himself courageously resisting, stoically accepting suffering without a word.
  • The Director’s threats had actually elated him, made him feel larger than life.
  • But the Director’s old; lots of people are old; they’re not like that.
  • "This hive of industry," as the Director was fond of calling it, was in the full buzz of work.
  • But the Director’s face, as he entered the Fertilizing Room with Henry Foster, was grave, wooden with severity.
  • "Yes, Mr. Marx," said the Director portentously.
  • "Yes-s," repeated the Director, lingering, a serpent, on the "s."
  • The Director paused; then, folding his arms, he turned impressively to Bernard.
  • Somewhat taken aback, but still majestically, "Then show it," said the Director.
  • "There he is," he said, pointing at the Director.
  • "What’s the meaning," began the Director, "of this monstrous …"
  • "… this monstrous practical joke," the Director shouted.
  • The Director went suddenly pale, stopped struggling and stood, his hands on her wrists, staring down at her, horrified.
  • My father–and it was the Director!
  • Pale, wild-eyed, the Director glared about him in an agony of bewildered humiliation.
  • … "It really is a bit too thick," the Head Mistress of Eton was saying to the Director of Crematoria and Phosphorus Reclamation.
  • It may interest you to know that our ex-Director was on the point of transferring him to Iceland.
  • The Director’s voice vibrated with an indignation that had now become wholly righteous and impersonal–was the expression of the disapproval of Society itself.
  • He raged against himself–what a fool!–against the Director–how unfair not to give him that other chance, that other chance which, he now had no doubt at all, he had always intended to take.
  • The voice in which he said, "Good-morning, Director," was absurdly too loud; that in which, correcting his mistake, he said, "You asked me to come and speak to you here," ridiculously soft, a squeak.
  • Lying in bed, he would think of Heaven and London and Our Lady of Acoma and the rows and rows of babies in clean bottles and Jesus flying up and Linda flying up and the great Director of World Hatcheries and Awonawilona.
  • He came in at once, paused for a moment just inside the door, looked round, then soft on his moccasined feet strode quickly across the room, fell on his knees in front of the Director, and said in a clear voice: "My father!"
  • She stood looking at him, her head on one side, still smiling, but with a smile that became progressively, in face of the Director’s expression of petrified disgust, less and less self-confident, that wavered and finally went out.
  • The Chief Bottler, the Director of Predestination, three Deputy Assistant Fertilizer-Generals, the Professor of Feelies in the College of Emotional Engineering, the Dean of the Westminster Community Singery, the Supervisor of Bokanovskification–the list of Bernard’s notabilities was interminable.
  • By his heretical views on sport and soma, by the scandalous unorthodoxy of his sex-life, by his refusal to obey the teachings of Our Ford and behave out of office hours, ’even as a little infant,’ " (here the Director made the sign of the T), "he has proved himself an enemy of Society, a subverter, ladies and gentlemen, of all Order and Stability, a conspirator against Civilization itself.
  • Chapter Eleven …. After the scene in the Fertilizing Room, all upper-caste London was wild to see this delicious creature who had fallen on his knees before the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning–or rather the ex-Director, for the poor man had resigned immediately afterwards and never set foot inside the Centre again–had flopped down and called him (the joke was almost too good to be true!) "my father."
  • Chapter Eleven …. After the scene in the Fertilizing Room, all upper-caste London was wild to see this delicious creature who had fallen on his knees before the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning–or rather the ex-Director, for the poor man had resigned immediately afterwards and never set foot inside the Centre again–had flopped down and called him (the joke was almost too good to be true!) "my father."
  • Bokanovsky’s Process," repeated the Director, and the students underlined the words in their little notebooks.
  • That’s the spirit I like!" cried the Director, and clapped Mr. Foster on the shoulder.
  • That’s the spirit I like," said the Director once more.
  • "And that," put in the Director sententiously, "that is the secret of happiness and virtue–liking what you’ve got to do.
  • I don’t know," he howls.) That howl, the Director made it plain, discouraged the earliest investigators.
  • Whereas, if they’d only started on moral education," said the Director, leading the way towards the door.
  • They’re too stupid to be able …" The Director pushed back the switch.
  • What’s the matter?" asked the Director.
  • "And so," she went on, turning back to the Director, "I’m taking him in to see the Assistant Superintendent of Psychology.
  • There was a silence; then, clearing his throat, "Once upon a time," the Director began, "while our Ford was still on earth, there was a little boy called Reuben Rabinovitch.
  • "Strange," mused the Director, as they turned away, "strange to think that even in Our Ford’s day most games were played without more apparatus than a ball or two and a few sticks and perhaps a bit of netting.
  • And she wasn’t there; she wasn’t there," the Director repeated.
  • "Ladies and gentlemen," the Director repeated once more, "excuse me for thus interrupting your labours.
  • Linda asked indignantly; then, turning to the Director, "Of course I knew you; Tomakin, I should have known you anywhere, among a thousand.
  • Main Day-shift off …" In the lift, on their way up to the changing rooms, Henry Foster and the Assistant Director of Predestination rather pointedly turned their backs on Bernard Marx from the Psychology Bureau: averted themselves from that unsavoury reputation.
  • At the sound of his voice the Director started into a guilty realization of where he was; shot a glance at Bernard, and averting his eyes, blushed darkly; looked at him again with sudden suspicion and, angrily on his dignity, "Don’t imagine," he said, "that I’d had any indecorous relation with the girl.
  • And Tomakin, ex-Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning, Tomakin was still on holiday–on holiday from humiliation and pain, in a world where he could not hear those words, that derisive laughter, could not see that hideous face, feel those moist and flabby arms round his neck, in a beautiful world … "What you need," the Savage went on, "is something with tears for a change.
  • § 2 HALTING for a moment outside the door of the Director’s room, Bernard drew a deep breath and squared his shoulders, bracing himself to meet the dislike and disapproval which he was certain of finding within.
  • "Ass!" said the Director, breaking a long silence.

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To see samples from other sources, click a word sense below:
as in: walked directly to work Define
proceeding without interruption in the straightest or quickest possible manner
as in: directly above; or buy direct from Define
straight (exactly where stated; or without anything in between)
as in: was direct in my instructions Define
straightforward (clear and explicit -- perhaps also indicating openness and honesty)
as in: directed her question to Define
aim or focus
as in: directed the jury to... Define
give instructions or commands (directions that must be followed)
as in: directed the movie Define
supervise or administer (often while giving directions or orders)
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