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Wuthering Heights
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Wuthering Heights
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  • She could not bear the notion which I had put into her head of Mr. Linton’s philosophical resignation.
  • Time brought resignation, and a melancholy sweeter than common joy.

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  • No plan offered itself: the very exhibition of any desire to keep him would have rendered the claimant more peremptory: there was nothing left but to resign him.
  • I’d rather resign her to God, and lay her in the earth before me.’
  • He lay an image of sadness and resignation awaiting his death.
  • Resign her to God as it is, sir,’ I answered, ’and if we should lose you — which may He forbid — under His providence, I’ll stand her friend and counsellor to the last.
  • In her absence I began to beg for Zillah’s place at the Heights, offering to resign mine to her; but he would suffer it on no account.
  • He took the one I had away, and ordered her to resign hers to me; she refused, and he — he struck her down, and wrenched it off the chain, and crushed it with his foot.’
  • He opened them suddenly, and resigned the object of dispute; but, ere she had well secured it, he seized her with the liberated hand, and, pulling her on his knee, administered with the other a shower of terrific slaps on both sides of the head, each sufficient to have fulfilled his threat, had she been able to fall.’

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as in: submitted her resignation Define
to quit -- especially a job or position; or a document expressing such an act
as in: accepted it with resignation Define
acceptance of something undesired as unavoidable or the lesser of evils
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