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Brave New World
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Brave New World
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  • Nothing like oxygen-shortage for keeping an embryo below par.
  • One egg, one embryo, one adult-normality.
  • By which time the original egg was in a fair way to becoming anything from eight to ninety-six embryos– a prodigious improvement, you will agree, on nature.
  • Who give them the embryos they ask for.
  • From eight to ninety-six buds, and every bud will grow into a perfectly formed embryo, and every embryo into a full-sized adult.
  • "Embryos are like photograph film," said Mr. Foster waggishly, as he pushed open the second door.
  • From eight to ninety-six buds, and every bud will grow into a perfectly formed embryo, and every embryo into a full-sized adult.
  • Over twelve thousand seven hundred children already, either decanted or in embryo.
  • So we allow as many as thirty per cent of the female embryos to develop normally.
  • For of course, they didn’t content themselves with merely hatching out embryos: any cow could do that.
  • By the time they were decanted the embryos had a horror of cold.
  • The embryos still have gills.
  • No time for the intellectual embryos, I’m afraid.
  • After which they are sent down to the Embryo Store.
  • Told them of the growing embryo on its bed of peritoneum.
  • The surrogate goes round slower; therefore passes through the lung at longer intervals; therefore gives the embryo less oxygen.
  • "But why do you want to keep the embryo below par?" asked an ingenuous student.
  • Hasn’t it occurred to you that an Epsilon embryo must have an Epsilon environment as well as an Epsilon heredity?
  • Could the individual Epsilon embryo be made a revert, by a suitable technique, to the normality of dogs and cows?
  • The faint hum and rattle of machinery still stirred the crimson air in the Embryo Store.
  • Showed them the simple mechanism by means of which, during the last two metres out of every eight, all the embryos were simultaneously shaken into familiarity with movement.
  • Referred to the embryo’s troublesome tendency to anaemia, to the massive doses of hog’s stomach extract and foetal foal’s liver with which, in consequence, it had to be supplied.
  • Hinted at the gravity of the so-called "trauma of decanting," and enumerated the precautions taken to minimize, by a suitable training of the bottled embryo, that dangerous shock.
  • My job was always with the embryos.
  • The Chemical and Bacteriological Conditioning of the Embryo.
  • Practical Instructions for Beta Embryo-Store Workers.
  • Some one I know knew some one who was working in the Embryo Store at the time.
  • And when, exhausted, the Sixteen had laid by their saxophones and the Synthetic Music apparatus was producing the very latest in slow Malthusian Blues, they might have been twin embryos gently rocking together on the waves of a bottled ocean of blood-surrogate.
  • "Orgy-porgy," the dancers caught up the liturgical refrain, "Orgy-porgy, Ford and fun, kiss the girls …" And as they sang, the lights began slowly to fade–to fade and at the same time to grow warmer, richer, redder, until at last they were dancing in the crimson twilight of an Embryo Store.
  • Under the microscopes, their long tails furiously lashing, spermatozoa were burrowing head first into eggs; and, fertilized, the eggs were expanding, dividing, or if bokanovskified, budding and breaking up into whole populations of separate embryos.
  • And she turned back to her neglected embryos.
  • Chapter Thirteen …. Henry Foster loomed up through the twilight of the Embryo Store.
  • And then the reading lessons: The tot is in the pot, the cat is on the mat; and the Elementary Instructions for Beta Workers in the Embryo Store.
  • She looked round; saw John and Bernard had left them and were walking up and down in the dust and garbage outside the house; but, none the less confidentially lowering her voice, and leaning, while Lenina stiffened and shrank, so close that the blown reek of embryo-poison stirred the hair on her cheek.
  • (The embryo is hungry; day in, day out, the blood-surrogate pump unceasingly turns its eight hundred revolutions a minute.

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  • The doctor implanted multiple embryos to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.
  • Scientists can clone the embryo.

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