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Great Expectations
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Great Expectations
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  • When I got acquainted with your sister, it were the talk how she was bringing you up by hand.
  • I am not acquainted with this country, gentlemen, but it seems a solitary country towards the river.
  • You are well acquainted with it now?
  • After dinner a bottle of choice old port was placed before my guardian (he was evidently well acquainted with the vintage), and the two ladies left us.
  • When she was dead, I apprehend he first told his daughter what he had done, and then the son became a part of the family, residing in the house you are acquainted with.
  • You have been the embodiment of every graceful fancy that my mind has ever become acquainted with.
  • You are acquainted with the young lady, most probably?
  • I feel a particular interest in being acquainted with it.
  • We had not yet made any allusion to my change of fortune, nor did I know how much of my late history he was acquainted with.
  • He knows your character, Joseph, and is well acquainted with your pig-headedness and ignorance; and he knows my character, Joseph, and he knows my want of gratitoode.
  • "It were but lonesome then," said Joe, "living here alone, and I got acquainted with your sister.
  • (I may here remark that I suppose myself to be better acquainted than any living authority, with the ridgy effect of a wedding-ring, passing unsympathetically over the human countenance.
  • "At Epsom races, a matter of over twenty years ago, I got acquainted wi’ a man whose skull I’d crack wi’ this poker, like the claw of a lobster, if I’d got it on this hob.

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  • You should acquaint yourself with the new computer program.
  • One of the objectives in my literature class is to acquaint my students with different cultures.

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