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Great Expectations
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grave -- as in: Her manner was grave.
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Great Expectations
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  • "Since this house strikes you old and grave, boy," said Miss Havisham, impatiently, "and you are unwilling to play, are you willing to work?"
  • "That’s true, Mum," said Mr. Pumblechook, with a grave nod.
  • "Ay, ay, dear boy!" he answered, with a grave nod, "Jaggers knows."
  • I looked at Wemmick, whose face was very grave.
  • The other lady, who had not spoken yet, said gravely and emphatically, "Very true!"
  • It is not the least to the purpose what the reasons of this prohibition are; they may be the strongest and gravest reasons, or they may be mere whim.
  • "Which her name," said Joe, gravely, "ain’t Estavisham, Pip, unless she have been rechris’ened."
  • Gravely, Handel, for the subject is grave enough, you know how it is as well as I do.
  • He gravely touched his lips with his forefinger.
  • "Ah," said he, shaking his head gravely.
  • A bell with an old voice—which I dare say in its time had often said to the house, Here is the green farthingale, Here is the diamond-hilted sword, Here are the shoes with red heels and the blue solitaire—sounded gravely in the moonlight, and two cherry-colored maids came fluttering out to receive Estella.
  • "Mind you, Mr. Pip," said Wemmick, gravely in my ear, as he took my arm to be more confidential; "I don’t know that Mr. Jaggers does a better thing than the way in which he keeps himself so high.

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  • Her smile disappeared as she suddenly realized the gravity of her situation.
  • It was the day of the funeral and she was in a grave mood.

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