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used in For Whom the Bell Tolls

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  • The noise of their motors filled all the high sky and looking up he saw their pursuit, minute and tiny, circling and wheeling high above them.
    Chapter 43 (51% in)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • He leaned back against the ropes of the enclosure and watched the horses circle the corral, stood watching them a minute more, as they stood still, then leaned down and came out through the ropes.
    Chapter 1 (77% in)
  • "Not fifteen minutes?" the gypsy asked teasingly.
    Chapter 2 (42% in)
  • Then through this noise came another noise, a steady, racketing drone and they saw the sentry looking up, his knitted cap slanted back, and turning their heads and looking up they saw, high in the evening sky, three monoplanes in V formation, showing minute and silvery at that height where there still was sun, passing unbelievably quickly across the sky, their motors now throbbing steadily.
    Chapter 3 (28% in)
  • The three passed and then came nine more, flying much higher in the minute, pointed formations of threes, threes and threes.
    Chapter 8 (8% in)
  • Five minutes would carry them there.
    Chapter 8 (22% in)
  • It was eight minutes since he had pushed the lever on the stop watch and there was still no sound of bombing.
    Chapter 8 (27% in)
  • At ten minutes he stopped looking at the watch knowing it would be too far away to hear, now, even allowing a minute for the sound to travel, and said to Anselmo, "I would speak to thee."
    Chapter 8 (28% in)
  • At ten minutes he stopped looking at the watch knowing it would be too far away to hear, now, even allowing a minute for the sound to travel, and said to Anselmo, "I would speak to thee."
    Chapter 8 (28% in)
  • Wait a minute and we will bring out a bull bigger than the other.
    Chapter 10 (49% in)
  • But in the last minute he was frightened.
    Chapter 10 (94% in)
  • "Run along a minute, will you?" he said to Maria without looking at her.
    Chapter 11 (92% in)
  • "Let us rest a minute," he said.
    Chapter 12 (19% in)
  • She had taken good care of the girl and she saw what was coming the minute the girl came back into the cave with the cooking dish.
    Chapter 13 (55% in)
  • Truly, it is said that we must eat a ton of it in this life but I have twenty-five pounds of it stuck in each of my ears this minute.
    Chapter 16 (79% in)
  • "Just a minute, Comrade," he had said to Robert Jordan in Spanish.
    Chapter 18 (71% in)
  • Pablo has forty-five minutes' start, Robert Jordan thought, and then he heard the noise of a body of cavalry coming.
    Chapter 23 (34% in)
  • He was forty minutes ahead of the cavalry.
    Chapter 25 (53% in)
  • The voice had stopped again and for three minutes they heard nothing and saw no movement.
    Chapter 27 (48% in)
  • It was ten minutes to three o'clock.
    Chapter 27 (52% in)
  • He considered a minute.
    Chapter 27 (98% in)
  • The horses showed small and minute as the first two riders came into sight on the long green slope of the high hill.
    Chapter 28 (42% in)
  • Because the way you have just been supposing there for a minute is how the possibilities of that attack look to those who have ordered it.
    Chapter 30 (94% in)
  • Not ten minutes ago.
    Chapter 32 (42% in)
  • The puffy-eyed man stood there a couple of minutes more holding his glass of vodka, his eyes, puffy as they were, absorbed in the beauty of what he had seen and heard and then he left the room to write it.
    Chapter 32 (65% in)
  • But as he watched the minute hand he found he could almost check its motion with his concentration.
    Chapter 37 (3% in)
  • It was ten minutes to three by his watch when he pushed the blanket aside with his elbow and went into the cave.
    Chapter 37 (99% in)
  • That cannot be borne by thee for fifteen minutes.
    Chapter 38 (90% in)
  • We went over this all ten minutes ago, Robert Jordan thought.
    Chapter 39 (26% in)
  • I believe you've had another flash in the last few minutes, Robert Jordan said to himself.
    Chapter 39 (29% in)
  • After the train started he had stood on the rear platform and watched the station and the water tower grow smaller and smaller and the rails crossed by the ties narrowed toward a point where the station and the water tower stood now minute and tiny in the steady clicking that was taking him away.
    Chapter 41 (44% in)
  • It would not have been true before but it was true that minute and it was only now, at this parting, that he ever felt as young again as he had felt before that train left.
    Chapter 41 (47% in)
  • Now in a minute we will be blowing it.
    Chapter 43 (28% in)
  • Not for five minutes.
    Chapter 43 (50% in)

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