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used in David Copperfield

27 uses
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to travel along with; or to be present with at the same time and/or location


to perform with
  • This extremely artful suggestion Mr. Barkis accompanied with a nudge of his elbow that gave me quite a stitch in my side.
    Chapters 7-9 (44% in)
  • At length, when the term of my visit was nearly expired, it was given out that Peggotty and Mr. Barkis were going to make a day's holiday together, and that little Em'ly and I were to accompany them.
    Chapters 10-12 (24% in)
  • I went, accompanied by Mr. Wickfield, to the scene of my future studies — a grave building in a courtyard, with a learned air about it that seemed very well suited to the stray rooks and jackdaws who came down from the Cathedral towers to walk with a clerkly bearing on the grass-plot — and was introduced to my new master, Doctor Strong.
    Chapters 16-18 (0% in)
  • Apart from which,' said Mrs. Micawber, 'I will not disguise from you, my dear Master Copperfield, that when that branch of my family which is settled in Plymouth, became aware that Mr. Micawber was accompanied by myself, and by little Wilkins and his sister, and by the twins, they did not receive him with that ardour which he might have expected, being so newly released from captivity.
    Chapters 16-18 (75% in)
  • I see them cross the way to meet her, when her bonnet (she has a bright taste in bonnets) is seen coming down the pavement, accompanied by her sister's bonnet.
    Chapters 16-18 (93% in)
  • At about this time, too, I made three discoveries: first, that Mrs. Crupp was a martyr to a curious disorder called 'the spazzums', which was generally accompanied with inflammation of the nose, and required to be constantly treated with peppermint; secondly, that something peculiar in the temperature of my pantry, made the brandy-bottles burst; thirdly, that I was alone in the world, and much given to record that circumstance in fragments of English versification.
    Chapters 25-27 (48% in)
  • All I know of the rest of the evening is, that I heard the empress of my heart sing enchanted ballads in the French language, generally to the effect that, whatever was the matter, we ought always to dance, Ta ra la, Ta ra la! accompanying herself on a glorified instrument, resembling a guitar.
    Chapters 25-27 (64% in)
  • Mr. Micawber, under pretence of showing me a nearer way than that by which I had come, accompanied me to the corner of the street; being anxious (he explained to me) to say a few words to an old friend, in confidence.
    Chapters 25-27 (98% in)
  • I placed implicit faith in this last statement, when I marked the look with which it was accompanied.
    Chapters 31-33 (43% in)
  • My aunt (who was busy nearly all this while with Peggotty, in the inner room) would not accompany us to the place where they were staying, but insisted on my going; and I went.
    Chapters 34-36 (61% in)
  • Mrs. Micawber and our offspring will accompany me.
    Chapters 34-36 (85% in)
  • If, on the eve of such a departure, you will accompany our mutual friend, Mr. Thomas Traddles, to our present abode, and there reciprocate the wishes natural to the occasion, you will confer a Boon 'On 'One 'Who 'Is 'Ever yours, 'WILKINS MICAWBER.'
    Chapters 34-36 (85% in)
  • Instead of returning my 'Good morning' with his usual affability, he looked at me in a distant, ceremonious manner, and coldly requested me to accompany him to a certain coffee-house, which, in those days, had a door opening into the Commons, just within the little archway in St. Paul's Churchyard.
    Chapters 37-39 (24% in)
  • He accompanied me into Mr. Wickfield's room, which was the shadow of its former self — having been divested of a variety of conveniences, for the accommodation of the new partner — and stood before the fire, warming his back, and shaving his chin with his bony hand, while Mr. Wickfield and I exchanged greetings.
    Chapters 37-39 (76% in)
  • The Misses Spenlow added that they begged to forbear expressing, 'through the medium of correspondence', an opinion on the subject of Mr. Copperfield's communication; but that if Mr. Copperfield would do them the favour to call, upon a certain day (accompanied, if he thought proper, by a confidential friend), they would be happy to hold some conversation on the subject.
    Chapters 40-42 (20% in)
  • To this favour, Mr. Copperfield immediately replied, with his respectful compliments, that he would have the honour of waiting on the Misses Spenlow, at the time appointed; accompanied, in accordance with their kind permission, by his friend Mr. Thomas Traddles of the Inner Temple.
    Chapters 40-42 (20% in)
  • We wished Mr. Copperfield to be accompanied by some confidential friend today,' with an inclination of her head towards Traddles, who bowed, 'in order that there might be no doubt or misconception on this subject.
    Chapters 40-42 (41% in)
  • Let me stand aside, to see the phantoms of those days go by me, accompanying the shadow of myself, in dim procession.
    Chapters 43-45 (0% in)
  • It rarely happened now that Mr. Maldon accompanied them.
    Chapters 43-45 (65% in)
  • I was conscious of Mr. Dick's standing in the shadow of the room, shutting up his knife, when we accompanied her to the Study; and of my aunt's rubbing her nose violently, by the way, as a mild vent for her intolerance of our military friend; but who got first into the Study, or how Mrs. Markleham settled herself in a moment in her easy-chair, or how my aunt and I came to be left together near the door (unless her eyes were quicker than mine, and she held me back), I have forgotten, if...
    Chapters 43-45 (79% in)
  • He assented, and prepared to accompany me.
    Chapters 46-48 (32% in)
  • He accompanied me a good part of the way; and when we parted, with a prayer for the success of this fresh effort, there was a new and thoughtful compassion in him that I was at no loss to interpret.
    Chapters 46-48 (61% in)
  • My little Dora being in good spirits, and very desirous that I should go — as I found on talking it over with her — I readily pledged myself to accompany him in accordance with his wish.
    Chapters 49-51 (79% in)
  • I found them in the neat kitchen, accompanied by Mrs. Gummidge, who had been fetched from the old boat by Mr. Peggotty himself.
    Chapters 49-51 (89% in)
  • Proud of his commission, and understanding it, Mr. Dick accompanied her as a shepherd's dog might accompany a sheep.
    Chapters 52-54 (45% in)
  • Proud of his commission, and understanding it, Mr. Dick accompanied her as a shepherd's dog might accompany a sheep.
    Chapters 52-54 (45% in)
  • Always accompanied with an incapable motion of the head, but with no change of face.
    Chapters 55-57 (54% in)

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