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used in David Copperfield

37 uses
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to ask or attempt to persuade — especially while trying hard to overcome resistance
  • I entreat Mr. Traddles to bear with me in entering into these details.
    Chapters 49-51 (7% in)
entreat = ask
  • But Mr. Peggotty made no such retort, only answering with another entreaty to Mrs. Gummidge to cheer up.
    Chapters 1-3 (92% in)
  • She was very earnestly and humbly entreating Miss Murdstone's pardon, which that lady granted, and a perfect reconciliation took place.
    Chapters 4-6 (17% in)
  • He had my head as in a vice, but I twined round him somehow, and stopped him for a moment, entreating him not to beat me.
    Chapters 4-6 (33% in)
  • He entreated me more than once to come in and win, but what with his table-spoon to my tea-spoon, his dispatch to my dispatch, and his appetite to my appetite, I was left far behind at the first mouthful, and had no chance with him.
    Chapters 4-6 (54% in)
  • The gentleman was serious immediately, and looked at me, I thought, as if he would entreat me to say nothing about the window.
    Chapters 13-15 (29% in)
  • I answered no, and entreated her not to let me go.
    Chapters 13-15 (71% in)
  • She entreated that there might be no more searching; but it was still sought for, in a desultory way, until she was quite well, and the company took their departure.
    Chapters 16-18 (44% in)
  • At this dreadful hint Mrs. Micawber threw her arms round Mr. Micawber's neck and entreated him to be calm.
    Chapters 16-18 (78% in)
  • I would have kept away, but she came after me, entreating me to come in too.
    Chapters 22-24 (43% in)
  • I entreat, I order you!'
    Chapters 22-24 (65% in)
  • Feeling sure that it was necessary for papa's peace that the sacrifice should be made, I entreated him to make it.
    Chapters 25-27 (12% in)
  • But Agnes was too superior to me in character and purpose, as I know well now, whatever I might know or not know then, to be long in need of my entreaties.
    Chapters 25-27 (13% in)
  • 'We are not likely to remain alone much longer,' said Agnes, 'and while I have an opportunity, let me earnestly entreat you, Trotwood, to be friendly to Uriah.
    Chapters 25-27 (13% in)
  • It was in no disposition for Uriah's company, but in remembrance of the entreaty Agnes had made to me, that I asked him if he would come home to my rooms, and have some coffee.
    Chapters 25-27 (27% in)
  • A timely observation of the sense of power that there was in his face, did more to bring back to my remembrance the entreaty of Agnes, in its full force, than any effort I could have made.
    Chapters 25-27 (38% in)
  • Feeling sure that it was necessary for papa's peace that the sacrifice should be made, I entreated him to make it.'
    Chapters 25-27 (45% in)
  • We departed early in the morning, for we had a Salvage case coming on in the Admiralty Court, requiring a rather accurate knowledge of the whole science of navigation, in which (as we couldn't be expected to know much about those matters in the Commons) the judge had entreated two old Trinity Masters, for charity's sake, to come and help him out.
    Chapters 25-27 (71% in)
  • With these words, and resisting our entreaties that she would grace the remaining circulation of the punch with her presence, Mrs. Micawber retired to my bedroom.
    Chapters 28-30 (32% in)
  • 'Do I constantly entreat you,' said Mrs. Steerforth, 'to speak plainly, in your own natural manner?'
    Chapters 28-30 (66% in)
  • She then entreated me to come upstairs, sobbing that Mr. Barkis had always liked me and admired me; that he had often talked of me, before he fell into a stupor; and that she believed, in case of his coming to himself again, he would brighten up at sight of me, if he could brighten up at any earthly thing.
    Chapters 28-30 (97% in)
  • At length I ventured to take his hand, and to entreat him, as well as I could, to endeavour to get some command of himself.
    Chapters 31-33 (16% in)
  • I entreated Agnes not to regard this as a thoughtless passion which could ever yield to any other, or had the least resemblance to the boyish fancies that we used to joke about.
    Chapters 34-36 (0% in)
  • I entreated Miss Mills to see me, that evening.
    Chapters 37-39 (41% in)
  • I entreated her to tell Dora, if Dora were in a state to hear it, that he had spoken to me with the utmost kindness and consideration; and had coupled nothing but tenderness, not a single or reproachful word, with her name.
    Chapters 37-39 (47% in)
  • I would entreat them not to dismiss your request, without a reference to Dora; and to discuss it with her when they should think the time suitable.
    Chapters 37-39 (74% in)
  • 'Always observing her from one point of view,' said Mr. Wickfield; 'but by all that is dear to you, my old friend, I entreat you to consider what it was; I am forced to confess now, having no escape -'
    Chapters 40-42 (79% in)
  • Strong,' I said, 'there is something within my knowledge, which I have been earnestly entreated by Doctor Strong to conceal, and have concealed until tonight.
    Chapters 43-45 (83% in)
  • I could not have resisted its entreaty, if the assurance that it gave me had been less convincing.
    Chapters 43-45 (84% in)
  • 'My darling girl,' I retorted, 'I really must entreat you to be reasonable, and listen to what I did say, and do say.
    Chapters 46-48 (80% in)
  • 'If Mr. Copperfield should yet remember one unknown to fame, will Mr. T. take charge of my unalterable regards and similar entreaties?
    Chapters 49-51 (9% in)
  • She made a hasty gesture with her hand, as if to entreat my patience and my silence, and turned towards London, whence, as her dress betokened, she had come expeditiously on foot.
    Chapters 49-51 (36% in)
  • Against such a sight, and against such determination as that of the calmly desperate man who was already accustomed to lead half the people present, I might as hopefully have entreated the wind.
    Chapters 55-57 (36% in)
  • I besought her to be calm, and prepare herself to bear what I had to tell; but I should rather have entreated her to weep, for she sat like a stone figure.
    Chapters 55-57 (52% in)
  • 'Miss Dartle,' I entreated her.
    Chapters 55-57 (54% in)
  • Under ordinary circumstances, I should scruple to entreat the indulgence of Miss Trotwood and Miss Wickfield, but-'
    Chapters 55-57 (71% in)
  • She had put her hand entreatingly on his arm, to stop him; and was very, very pale.
    Chapters 58-60 (92% in)

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