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domestic happiness
relating to a home or family
  • Traddles being a part of our domesticity, I should much like to have your opinion on Mr. Micawber's prospects.
    Chapters 28-30 (21% in)

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  • I had advanced in fame and fortune, my domestic joy was perfect, I had been married ten happy years.
    Chapters 63-64 (1% in)
  • 'Quite as comfortable as we can expect a young mother to be, under these melancholy domestic circumstances.
    Chapters 1-3 (26% in)
  • 'OUR own house, I mean,' faltered my mother, evidently frightened — 'I hope you must know what I mean, Edward — it's very hard that in YOUR own house I may not have a word to say about domestic matters.
    Chapters 4-6 (14% in)
  • This unhappy boy, Miss Trotwood, has been the occasion of much domestic trouble and uneasiness; both during the lifetime of my late dear wife, and since.
    Chapters 13-15 (66% in)
  • Now it was Mr. Wickfield, now Agnes, now the excellence of Mr. Wickfield, now my admiration of Agnes; now the extent of Mr. Wickfield's business and resources, now our domestic life after dinner; now, the wine that Mr. Wickfield took, the reason why he took it, and the pity that it was he took so much; now one thing, now another, then everything at once; and all the time, without appearing to speak very often, or to do anything but sometimes encourage them a little, for fear they...
    Chapters 16-18 (67% in)
  • 'It is clear that a family of six, not including a domestic, cannot live upon air.'
    Chapters 16-18 (76% in)
  • I felt as if I had come into the knowledge of those domestic weaknesses and tendernesses in a sacred confidence, and that to disclose them, even to Steerforth, would be wrong.
    Chapters 22-24 (49% in)
  • Mr. Spenlow remarked, on this occasion, when we concluded our business, that he should have been happy to have seen me at his house at Norwood to celebrate our becoming connected, but for his domestic arrangements being in some disorder, on account of the expected return of his daughter from finishing her education at Paris.
    Chapters 25-27 (48% in)
  • On the occasion of this domestic little party, I did not repeat my former extensive preparations.
    Chapters 28-30 (1% in)
  • Mr. Micawber then embraced Mrs. Micawber, and pressed my hand; leaving me to infer from this broken allusion that his domestic supply of water had been cut off that afternoon, in consequence of default in the payment of the company's rates.
    Chapters 28-30 (7% in)
  • 'But in a merely domestic view it is not so bad as it might be, because Sophy takes her place.
    Chapters 34-36 (7% in)
  • 'In bidding adieu to the modern Babylon, where we have undergone many vicissitudes, I trust not ignobly, Mrs. Micawber and myself cannot disguise from our minds that we part, it may be for years and it may be for ever, with an individual linked by strong associations to the altar of our domestic life.
    Chapters 34-36 (85% in)
  • My aunt, being uncommonly neat and ingenious, made so many little improvements in our domestic arrangements, that I seemed to be richer instead of poorer.
    Chapters 37-39 (2% in)
  • CHAPTER 40 THE WANDERER We had a very serious conversation in Buckingham Street that night, about the domestic occurrences I have detailed in the last chapter.
    Chapters 40-42 (0% in)
  • Now, although I had not received any express encouragement as yet, I fancied that I saw in the two little sisters, and particularly in Miss Lavinia, an intensified enjoyment of this new and fruitful subject of domestic interest, a settling down to make the most of it, a disposition to pet it, in which there was a good bright ray of hope.
    Chapters 40-42 (37% in)
  • Then I playfully tried verbal instruction in domestic matters, as we walked about on a Saturday afternoon.
    Chapters 40-42 (53% in)
  • What was strangest of all was, that the only real relief which seemed to make its way into the secret region of this domestic unhappiness, made its way there in the person of Mr. Dick.
    Chapters 40-42 (94% in)
  • She had a written character, as large as a proclamation; and, according to this document, could do everything of a domestic nature that ever I heard of, and a great many things that I never did hear of.
    Chapters 43-45 (23% in)
  • The next domestic trial we went through, was the Ordeal of Servants.
    Chapters 43-45 (36% in)
  • It was pleasant weather, and on the road we made my domestic happiness the theme of conversation.
    Chapters 43-45 (40% in)
  • CHAPTER 48 DOMESTIC I laboured hard at my book, without allowing it to interfere with the punctual discharge of my newspaper duties; and it came out and was very successful.
    Chapters 46-48 (68% in)
  • Among other havens of domestic tranquillity and peace of mind, my feet will naturally tend towards the King's Bench Prison.
    Chapters 49-51 (3% in)
  • All next day, he was occupied in disposing of his fishing-boat and tackle; in packing up, and sending to London by waggon, such of his little domestic possessions as he thought would be useful to him; and in parting with the rest, or bestowing them on Mrs. Gummidge.
    Chapters 49-51 (91% in)
  • ...beginning with the partially destroyed pocket-book (which I was unable to comprehend, at the time of its accidental discovery by Mrs. Micawber, on our taking possession of our present abode, in the locker or bin devoted to the reception of the ashes calcined on our domestic hearth), that the weaknesses, the faults, the very virtues, the parental affections, and the sense of honour, of the unhappy Mr. W. have been for years acted on by, and warped to the base purposes of — HEEP.
    Chapters 52-54 (36% in)
  • 'In reference to our domestic preparations, madam,' said Mr. Micawber, with some pride, 'for meeting the destiny to which we are now understood to be self-devoted, I beg to report them.
    Chapters 52-54 (71% in)
  • Such opportunities as I have been enabled to alienate from my domestic duties, I have devoted to corresponding at some length with my family.
    Chapters 52-54 (73% in)
  • 'But then,' said Traddles, 'our domestic arrangements are, to say the truth, quite unprofessional altogether, my dear Copperfield.
    Chapters 58-60 (39% in)
  • The way she manages this place; her punctuality, domestic knowledge, economy, and order; her cheerfulness, Copperfield!'
    Chapters 61-62 (9% in)

There are no more uses of "domestic" in David Copperfield.

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