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used in Middlemarch

24 uses
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to be or to become psychologically or physically used to something

(used to is an expression that means someone has adapted to and has an expectation of something so it does not seem unusual)
  • He was accustomed to do so, and she had often thought that she could urge him to many good actions when he was her brother-in-law.
    Book 1 -- Miss Brooke (9% in)
  • A learned provincial clergyman is accustomed to think of his acquaintances as of "lords, knyghtes, and other noble and worthi men, that conne Latyn but lytille."
    Book 1 -- Miss Brooke (15% in)
  • For in truth, as the day fixed for his marriage came nearer, Mr. Casaubon did not find his spirits rising; nor did the contemplation of that matrimonial garden scene, where, as all experience showed, the path was to be bordered with flowers, prove persistently more enchanting to him than the accustomed vaults where he walked taper in hand.
    Book 1 -- Miss Brooke (69% in)
  • And now he was in danger of being saddened by the very conviction that his circumstances were unusually happy: there was nothing external by which he could account for a certain blankness of sensibility which came over him just when his expectant gladness should have been most lively, just when he exchanged the accustomed dulness of his Lowick library for his visits to the Grange.
    Book 1 -- Miss Brooke (69% in)
  • Certainly any one remembering the fact might think that Mrs. Vincy had the air of a very handsome good-humored landlady, accustomed to the most capricious orders of gentlemen.
    Book 1 -- Miss Brooke (83% in)
  • Indeed, she herself was accustomed to think that entire freedom from the necessity of behaving agreeably was included in the Almighty's intentions about families.
    Book 1 -- Miss Brooke (89% in)
  • Rosamond, in fact, was entirely occupied not exactly with Tertius Lydgate as he was in himself, but with his relation to her; and it was excusable in a girl who was accustomed to hear that all young men might, could, would be, or actually were in love with her, to believe at once that Lydgate could be no exception.
    Book 2 -- Old and Young (43% in)
  • The old lady was evidently accustomed to tell her company what they ought to think, and to regard no subject as quite safe without her steering.
    Book 2 -- Old and Young (45% in)
  • "You astonish me greatly, sir," said Mr. Casaubon, his looks improved with a glow of delight; "but if my poor physiognomy, which I have been accustomed to regard as of the commonest order, can be of any use to you in furnishing some traits for the angelical doctor, I shall feel honored.
    Book 2 -- Old and Young (90% in)
  • "I see you are getting tired and stupid, Ben," said Mrs. Garth, accustomed to these obstructive arguments from her male offspring.
    Book 3 -- Waiting for Death (19% in)
  • His admiration was far from being confined to himself, but was accustomed professionally as well as privately to delight in estimating things at a high rate.
    Book 3 -- Waiting for Death (90% in)
  • In a very short time Stone Court was cleared of well-brewed Featherstones and other long-accustomed visitors.
    Book 4 -- Three Love Problems (17% in)
  • That is what we must accustom ourselves to recognize with regard to your brother's family.
    Book 4 -- Three Love Problems (24% in)
  • It was a lovely afternoon; the leaves from the lofty limes were falling silently across the sombre evergreens, while the lights and shadows slept side by side: there was no sound but the cawing of the rooks, which to the accustomed ear is a lullaby, or that last solemn lullaby, a dirge.
    Book 4 -- Three Love Problems (94% in)
  • Here were deeper reasons than the superficial talk of a new man, which appeared still flimsier in the drawing-room over the shop, when they were recited to Mrs. Mawmsey, a woman accustomed to be made much of as a fertile mother,—generally under attendance more or less frequent from Mr. Gambit, and occasionally having attacks which required Dr. Minchin.
    Book 5 -- The Dead Hand (14% in)
  • He was accustomed to receive large orders from Mr. Brooke of Tipton; but then, there were many of Pinkerton's committee whose opinions had a great weight of grocery on their side.
    Book 5 -- The Dead Hand (69% in)
  • Caleb had no cant at command, even if he could have chosen to use it; and he had been accustomed to meet all such difficulties in no other way than by doing his "business" faithfully.
    Book 6 -- The Widow and Wife (25% in)
  • Mary was accustomed to think rather rigorously of what was probable, and if a belief flattered her vanity she felt warned to dismiss it as ridiculous, having early had much exercise in such dismissals.
    Book 6 -- The Widow and Wife (42% in)
  • Rosamond, accustomed from her to an extravagant household, thought that good housekeeping consisted simply in ordering the best of everything—nothing else "answered;" and Lydgate supposed that "if things were done at all, they must be done properly"—he did not see how they were to live otherwise.
    Book 6 -- The Widow and Wife (52% in)
  • "Not much, I am sorry to say," answered the Vicar, accustomed to parry Mr. Toller's banter about his belief in the new medical light.
    Book 7 -- Two Temptations (0% in)
  • Feeling it necessary that she should be gradually accustomed to the idea of their quitting the house in Lowick Gate, he overcame his reluctance to speak to her again on the subject, and when they were breakfasting said— "I shall try to see Trumbull this morning, and tell him to advertise the house in the 'Pioneer' and the 'Trumpet.'
    Book 7 -- Two Temptations (21% in)
  • I have not been accustomed to language of that kind.
    Book 7 -- Two Temptations (29% in)
  • Mrs. Dollop looked round with the air of a landlady accustomed to dominate her company.
    Book 7 -- Two Temptations (92% in)
  • He had not been accustomed to very cordial relations with his neighbors, and hence he could not miss the signs of cordiality; moreover, he had been taking journeys on business of various kinds, having now made up his mind that he need not quit Middlemarch, and feeling able consequently to determine on matters which he had before left in suspense.
    Book 7 -- Two Temptations (93% in)

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