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used in Wuthering Heights

3 meanings, 65 uses
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1  —55 uses as in:
However, complications may...
though (or another expression that connects contrasting ideas)

(Based on idea 1 we might not expect idea 2, but this is a way of saying that even though idea 1 exists, we still have idea 2.  Synonyms include in spite of that, , nevertheless, nonetheless, on the other hand, in contrastand but.)
  • But he seemed to recollect himself presently, and smothered the storm in a brutal curse, muttered on my behalf: which, however, I took care not to notice.
    Chapter 2 (53% in)
however = though (used to connect contrasting ideas)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • On coming up from dinner, however, ... — on mounting the stairs with this lazy intention, and stepping into the room, I saw a servant-girl on her knees surrounded by brushes and coal-scuttles, and raising an infernal dust as she extinguished the flames with heaps of cinders.
    Chapter 2 (1% in)
  • however = though (used to connect contrasting ideas)
  • Mrs. Heathcliff, however, checked me by her answer.
    Chapter 2 (67% in)
  • This writing, however, was nothing but a name repeated in all kinds of characters, large and small — CATHERINE EARNSHAW, here and there varied to CATHERINE HEATHCLIFF, and then again to CATHERINE LINTON.
    Chapter 3 (5% in)
  • However, in my dream, Jabez had a full and attentive congregation; and he preached — good God! what a sermon; divided into FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY parts, each fully equal to an ordinary address from the pulpit, and each discussing a separate sin!
    Chapter 3 (34% in)
  • I guessed, however, by his irregular and intercepted breathing, that he struggled to vanquish an excess of violent emotion.
    Chapter 3 (68% in)
  • However, having studied for an interval, with a fist on either knee, and a cloud of meditation over her ruddy countenance, she ejaculated — 'Ah, times are greatly changed since then!'
    Chapter 4 (7% in)
  • Mrs. Earnshaw expected him by supper-time on the third evening, and she put the meal off hour after hour; there were no signs of his coming, however, and at last the children got tired of running down to the gate to look.
    Chapter 4 (45% in)
  • However, I will say this, he was the quietest child that ever nurse watched over.
    Chapter 4 (78% in)
  • However, I went, through wind and rain, and brought one, the doctor, back with me; the other said he would come in the morning.
    Chapter 5 (92% in)
  • Her affection tired very soon, however, and when she grew peevish, Hindley became tyrannical.
    Chapter 6 (17% in)
  • He changed his note, however, when he saw Skulker's game.
    Chapter 6 (65% in)
  • It struck me soon, however, there would be more sense in endeavouring to repair some of his wrongs than shedding tears over them: I got up and walked into the court to seek him.
    Chapter 7 (27% in)
  • However, if I am to follow my story in true gossip's fashion, I had better go on; and instead of leaping three years, I will be content to pass to the next summer — the summer of 1778, that is nearly twenty-three years ago.'
    Chapter 7 (99% in)
  • At the first finger his father laid on him, however, he shrieked again louder than before, and struggled as if he would go into convulsions.
    Chapter 9 (13% in)
  • The last, however, goes for nothing: you would love him without that, probably; and with it you wouldn't, unless he possessed the four former attractions.'
    Chapter 9 (31% in)
  • However, Nelly, I shall oblige you to listen: it's not long; and I've no power to be merry to-night.'
    Chapter 9 (39% in)
  • Joseph objected at first; she was too much in earnest, however, to suffer contradiction; and at last he placed his hat on his head, and walked grumbling forth.
    Chapter 9 (62% in)
  • However, Catherine would hot be persuaded into tranquillity.
    Chapter 9 (67% in)
  • You may, however, fall out, at last, over something of equal consequence to both sides; and then those you term weak are very capable of being as obstinate as you.'
    Chapter 10 (46% in)
  • It was kindness for him which induced me to bear it alone: had I expressed the agony I frequently felt, he would have been taught to long for its alleviation as ardently as I. However, it's over, and I'll take no revenge on his folly; I can afford to suffer anything hereafter!
    Chapter 10 (54% in)
  • Isabella and he had had an hour's interview, during which he tried to elicit from her some sentiment of proper horror for Heathcliff's advances: but he could make nothing of her evasive replies, and was obliged to close the examination unsatisfactorily; adding, however, a solemn warning, that if she were so insane as to encourage that worthless suitor, it would dissolve all bonds of relationship between herself and him.
    Chapter 11 (99% in)
  • 'However, I'm not helpless yet; I'll open it myself.'
    Chapter 12 (46% in)
  • I could not pursue them, however; and I dared not rouse the family, and fill the place with confusion; still less unfold the business to my master, absorbed as he was in his present calamity, and having no heart to spare for a second grief!
    Chapter 12 (85% in)
  • I CAN'T FOLLOW IT THOUGH — (these words are underlined) — they need not expect me, and they may draw what conclusions they please; taking care, however, to lay nothing at the door of my weak will or deficient affection.
    Chapter 13 (21% in)
  • However, that is not to the present purpose — there are other rooms.
    Chapter 13 (80% in)
  • However, she'll suit this house so much the better for not being over nice, and I'll take care she does not disgrace me by rambling abroad.'
    Chapter 14 (46% in)
  • What he meant to do I cannot tell; however, the other stopped all demonstrations, at once, by placing the lifeless-looking form in his arms.
    Chapter 15 (94% in)
  • I snatched it away, however, and seized his arm.
    Chapter 17 (35% in)
  • However, Mr. Earnshaw soon convinced him that he was alive still; Joseph hastened to administer a dose of spirits, and by their succour his master presently regained motion and consciousness.
    Chapter 17 (52% in)
  • The clouded windows of hell flashed a moment towards me; the fiend which usually looked out, however, was so dimmed and drowned that I did not fear to hazard another sound of derision.
    Chapter 17 (65% in)
  • However, it must be acknowledged, she had faults to foil her gifts.
    Chapter 18 (5% in)
  • This, however, is not making progress with my story.
    Chapter 18 (91% in)
  • I could gather, however, that her guide had been a favourite till she hurt his feelings by addressing him as a servant; and Heathcliff's housekeeper hurt hers by calling him her cousin.
    Chapter 18 (96% in)
  • However, he was not going to rouse him from his sleep.
    Chapter 19 (89% in)
  • I do regret, however, that he so little deserves the trouble: if I wished any blessing in the world, it was to find him a worthy object of pride; and I'm bitterly disappointed with the whey-faced, whining wretch!'
    Chapter 20 (81% in)
  • CHAPTER XXI WE had sad work with little Cathy that day: she rose in high glee, eager to join her cousin, and such passionate tears and lamentations followed the news of his departure that Edgar himself was obliged to soothe her, by affirming he should come back soon: he added, however, 'if I can get him'; and there were no hopes of that.
    Chapter 21 (1% in)
  • The earlier dated were embarrassed and short; gradually, however, they expanded into copious loveletters, foolish, as the age of the writer rendered natural, yet with touches here and there which I thought were borrowed from a more experienced source.
    Chapter 21 (84% in)
  • However, she shall not disturb you again; and perhaps you'll get quieter when we leave you.'
    Chapter 23 (53% in)
  • 'However, we'll be friends now.
    Chapter 23 (70% in)
  • She, however, gave a different response evidently, for his forehead cleared as she stooped and whispered in his ear.
    Chapter 23 (76% in)
  • 'One time, however, we were near quarrelling.
    Chapter 24 (27% in)
  • I was half inclined to make it try; however, he moved off to open the door, and, as he raised the latch, he looked up to the inscription above, and said, with a stupid mixture of awkwardness and elation: "Miss Catherine!
    Chapter 24 (42% in)
  • However, the dogs gave notice of my approach.
    Chapter 24 (75% in)
  • Linton had certainly behaved provokingly: however, it was the business of nobody but me, and I interrupted Mr. Heathcliff's lecture by entering and telling him so.
    Chapter 24 (93% in)
  • However, master, you'll have plenty of time to get acquainted with him and see whether he would suit her: it wants four years and more to his being of age."
    Chapter 25 (22% in)
  • On arriving there, however, a little herd-boy, despatched as a messenger, told us that, — 'Maister Linton wer just o' this side th' Heights: and he'd be mitch obleeged to us to gang on a bit further.'
    Chapter 26 (4% in)
  • The window, however, was narrow, like those below, and the garret trap was safe from our attempts; for we were fastened in as before.
    Chapter 27 (93% in)
  • However, he felt that his will had better be altered: instead of leaving Catherine's fortune at her own disposal, he determined to put it in the hands of trustees for her use during life, and for her children, if she had any, after her.
    Chapter 28 (63% in)
  • There was the will, however, to hinder that, and my loud protestations against any infringement of its directions.
    Chapter 28 (92% in)
  • However, Mr. Heathcliff has claimed and kept them in his wife's right and his also: I suppose legally; at any rate, Catherine, destitute of cash and friends, cannot disturb his possession.
    Chapter 30 (43% in)
  • However, I took care there should be no further scorning at my good nature: ever since, I've been as stiff as herself; and she has no lover or liker among us: and she does not deserve one; for, let them say the least word to her, and she'll curl back without respect of any one.
    Chapter 30 (91% in)
  • The task was done, not free from further blunders; but the pupil claimed a reward, and received at least five kisses; which, however, he generously returned.
    Chapter 32 (27% in)
  • That, however, which you may suppose the most potent to arrest my imagination, is actually the least: for what is not connected with her to me? and what does not recall her?
    Chapter 33 (80% in)
  • I never expected that your nerves would be disordered: they are, at present, marvellously so, however; and almost entirely through your own fault.
    Chapter 34 (57% in)

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Typical Usage  (best examples)
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2  —2 uses as in:
However much she tried...
to whatever degree (regardless of how much; or whatever unspecified amount)
  • Mr. Heathcliff YOU have NOBODY to love you; and, however miserable you make us, we shall still have the revenge of thinking that your cruelty arises from your greater misery.
    Chapter 29 (35% in)
however = regardless of how
  • They could not every day sit so grim and taciturn; and it was impossible, however ill-tempered they might be, that the universal scowl they wore was their every-day countenance.
    Chapter 2 (40% in)
however = regardless of how
There are no more uses of "however" flagged with this meaning in Wuthering Heights.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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3  —3 uses as in:
However you do it, get it done!
in whatever way
  • However I disapproved, I couldn't hinder her: indeed, how could she have refused him herself?
    Chapter 27 (37% in)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • And that minx, Catherine Linton, or Earnshaw, or however she was called — she must have been a changeling — wicked little soul!
    Chapter 3 (62% in)
  • It is out of the question my going to see her, however: we are eternally divided; and should she really wish to oblige me, let her persuade the villain she has married to leave the country.'
    Chapter 14 (3% in)

There are no more uses of "however" flagged with this meaning in Wuthering Heights.

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?  —5 uses
exact meaning not specified
  • All was composed, however: Catherine's despair was as silent as her father's joy.
    Chapter 28 (81% in)
  • Really, when he opened on me in that unreasonable tone of displeasure after I had scolded Heathcliff till I was hoarse for him, I did not care hardly what they did to each other; especially as I felt that, however the scene closed, we should all be driven asunder for nobody knows how long!
    Chapter 11 (80% in)
  • The delirium was not fixed, however; having weaned her eyes from contemplating the outer darkness, by degrees she centred her attention on him, and discovered who it was that held her.
    Chapter 12 (58% in)
  • No; you're not fit to be your own guardian, Isabella, now; and I, being your legal protector, must retain you in my custody, however distasteful the obligation may be.
    Chapter 14 (71% in)
  • If the lad swore, he wouldn't correct him: nor however culpably he behaved.
    Chapter 18 (85% in)

There are no more uses of "however" in Wuthering Heights.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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