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Quizzes That Cover Only Part of a Book
Generally, teachers assign just two quizzes per book--one covering the entire book before reading it and another covering the entire book after reading it. There are also quizzes intended to be taken before or after reading each third of most books.

There are two primary differences between quizzes intended to be taken prior to reading the book and those intended for after reading the book. Of course, post-reading word quizzes use sentences from the book; whereas pre-reading word quizzes do not so they will not reveal plot information early. The other difference affects only quizzes that do not cover the entire book.

Quizzes that cover part of the book have ten words. In the case of pre-reading quizzes, those ten words are the only words on the quiz. This is appropriate because the goal of pre-reading quizzes is to heighten word consciousness with a quick preview.

In contrast, the goal of post-reading quizzes is to make words more familiar through repetition. Accordingly, post-reading quizzes repeat words reviewed in earlier parts of the book. That means a quiz reviewing vocabulary from the second third of the book, has twenty words (ten from the previous quiz). Similarly, a quiz on the last third of the book has thirty words (twenty from previous quizzes).

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