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Extra Credit Quizzes
Teachers may wish to assign harder quizzes to highly academic students. The harder extra credit quizzes are meant to be assigned in addition to (rather than instead of) standard quizzes. Standard quizzes cover thirty words selected based primarily upon their frequency of use in the book and on SAT-type tests.

Extra credit quizzes typically have ten additional words that are chosen because they are more likely to be seen on SAT-type tests than other hard words in the book. Additionally, when choosing which word best completes a sentence, these quizzes offer five options rather than three. The quiz may also present more complex sentences.

You may want to note that if a book uses its hardest word enough times, the word will be in the standard quiz rather than the extra credit quiz. The very hardest words in the book are unlikely to be on the extra credit quiz because they are unlikely to be on SAT-type tests. The Extra Credit Quiz is typically described as "Harder SAT words", but if a short story lacks enough difficult words commonly seen on SAT-type tests, its extra credit quiz is simply described as "Other words" or the extra credit quiz may even be omitted.

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