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Multiple Meanings
reflection — as in:  my reflection in the mirror

I was looking at my reflection in her sunglasses.
an image (seen on a mirror or other shiny surface)
reflection — as in:  lit by the reflection

I watched the reflection of the sunlight in the underside of the pool umbrella.
light seen after it bounces off a surface to another; or the process of bouncing light, sound, or other energy off of a surface
reflection — as in:  is a reflection of American values

The diversity of our police force is a reflection of our community.
representation, demonstration, or expression
reflection — as in:  After reflection, I think...

Upon reflection, I should have been more patient with her.
careful thought — sometimes concerning memories
reflections — as in:  share my reflections about it

In this passage, the author shares some of her reflections on life as a waitress.
thoughts or memories
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