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Multiple Meanings
positive — as in:  I’m absolutely positive!

I’m positive I’ve seen her before.
certain (having no doubt)
positive — as in:  had a positive effect

Lower interest rates positively affected home sales.
good or beneficial
positive — as in:  positive feedback from my boss

Responses to my plan were positive.
approval or agreement
positive — as in:  a positive attitude

With a positive attitude and some effort, I’m sure we can make this work.
optimistic or agreeable
positive — as in:  The test came back positive.

The pregnancy test was positive.
found a condition or substance to be present
positive — as in:  a positive number

The company has a positive cash flow.
greater than zero (of a number)

See a comprehensive dictionary for less common meanings of positive including some in the fields of electricity, physics, chemistry, medicine, philosophy, and grammar. Note that most all senses of positive indicate that something is good or present.
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