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Multiple Meanings
direct — as in:  walked directly to work

I walked directly to work.
proceeding without interruption in the straightest or quickest possible manner
direct — as in:  directly above; or buy direct from

This flower does best in direct sunlight.
straight (exactly where stated; or without anything in between)
direct — as in:  was direct in my instructions

I left them with direct instructions.
straightforward (clear and explicit — perhaps also indicating openness and honesty)
direct — as in:  directed her question to

The sprinkler head needs to be fixed so it directs water away from the house.
aim or focus
direct — as in:  directed the jury to...

On the SAT test, some questions direct you to look at an underlined or numbered portion of a passage.
give instructions or commands (directions that must be followed)
direct — as in:  directed the movie

She directed the move.
supervise or administer (often while giving directions or orders)

See a comprehensive dictionary for less common senses of the word—some of which might be seen in such phrases as:
  • directly correlated
  • a direct descendant of...
  • direct hit
  • a direct quotation
  • direct deposit
  • direct object
  • direct kick
  • direct cost
  • direct investment
  • direct elections
  • direct current

As a verb, most all of the senses of direct involve giving orders or aiming. As an adjective or adverb, most all senses of direct involve an uninterrupted connection and/or clarity (clear, unambiguous communication).
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